Monday, March 31, 2014

Pearllight on Break 2014 ID

Wow, can't believe I finally made this. For a very long time I've been planning to make a nice Deviant Art ID for my page that expresses my character, and me as an artist.

The above image does the trick I believe. Here you see Pearllight sitting on a hand crafted bench from the Po-Koro region, gazing off as she dreams and imagines of where she is and what she loves.

Note, this a surprise and first time image I've ever done of my character wearing her suit, but without her helmet. It was made to display both who's she's known as, and who she really is. Her helmet and armor are what most people know her for, but beneath she's a
 Human with many dreams, hopes, and desires.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mata Nui Cow Milk

It's always been an odd interest of mine to make advertisement art, especially when it involves making products that don't exist, but wish they did.

The above Mata Nui cow milk advertisement is made to match the style in the Life of Lewa universe (and will be a product used in this world). The LoL universe contains many odd products that I love inventing and adding in as fake product placement; a way to make it more life like you could say. In the LoL universe, because the influence of Pearllight, the world contains Human aspects mixed with the already present alien aspects. In this case, retro style advertising, with both English and Matoran writing, meld together because of cultural influence on the planet. The beings of LoL use Human text on products because it's appealing and varies in style; great for getting the mood across in advertising. Most people of the universe know how to read most English text styles, but to make life easier, every product will also include the native writing of Matoran somewhere on the product. In this case the milk label is all English, but the back label (which I didn't make), will have both English and Matoran, (while the advertisement itself contains both).
What inspired me? Awhile back I built a Mata Nui cow for fun, only I didn't have exact pieces to make it look like the original design, so I improvised by using all brown and tan pieces, big black eyes which increases cuteness, and horns that make the creature look more like a moose. I called it the brown cow, but during creation of this advertisement, I was tempted to call it moose milk (there's a joke in LoL I might make sometime for that). After looking at the face of my cow again, I wanted to make a milk advertisement out of he blue for the LoL universe.

I took a photo of my cow's head, then did my work in PSE and assembled a retro label (don't ask me why it's a boy cow on the milk label..maybe girl cows of this world have horns too) either way, the product only looked interesting with the horns included. The rest was just playing around on PSE, and getting my final milk poster.

Did you know there's an actual company called Brown Cow? There is, but that's not why I labeled this Brown Cow Milk (it's simply that way because the cows they get this milk from tend to be brown.) Of course every company, even a fake one needs a little jingle; all that came to mind was "Mooore Please" (emphasis on the Moo).

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Toa Axel Banner

 Toa Axel finally got his photo to me (see the original on his DA Toa Axel). He requested a banner after seeing the one I made for Makuta Nazo.

I don't know what the element of his character is, but I made the banner based off a few hints he gave. This time I took the approach of making this banner fit proportionately to the very size of the YT text safe area (although some have come to find that their page doesn't properly cooperate with the banner).

Originally Axel wanted his banner to look like Makuta Nazo's, only wanted blue and black splotches instead of red with black. This concept had to be changed though due to his choice of wanting the background black instead of white (a good choice for making it look classy). Because of this, I reversed the color scheme, and made the splotches white and blue; that way you could see them on black. He also mentioned that at first he thought some lightning in the border would be cool; later to feel it would be too much. I still went on that drift though, and placed selected bolts of lighting so they directed your attention to his character and name. Last was text, Axel wanted the same text style as Nazo's, only in blue. I went along that line, but flat blue seemed too muted in the surrounding border; so I decided to make it blue neon (hopefully that's ok). I think the neon gets your attention quite well, not such a bad thing (not to mention matches the lighting bit).
After I made the basic center of the banner, I placed it in the required canvas, and above is the main image meant for YT upload.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Bionicle MOC FTW banner

Making YT banners like hot cakes. BionicleMOCFTW asked me if I could make him one after he saw the Toa Firestorm Banner. I didn't think I was going to get this done that quickly; but I did. Here's his Youtube page- BionicleMOCFTW YT 

He told me his MOC didn't really have an element, just stealth, mentioned that it would probably be a neon green color. When I thought of stealth, and saw the photo of this MOC, the theme of a dark setting with splashes of green came to mind. I felt stealth and night, with patches of light seemed to just work. Again, I used pretty much the same techniques for this banner as I have for the last two. Only thing I did slightly different was add some striped texture to the black backdrop, put a glow back light to draw attention to the character, and added a glow outline to the name.
As usual, the above image was made to serve as a YT banner, to match the format exactly. Black bars will fill the sections of a screen that extend beyond the center.

Toa Firestorm Banner

 All right! Hopefully this is good for TF; this is a Youtube banner made for Toa Firestorm. See his channel here  at Toa Firestorm YT. Upon making the Makuta Nazo Banner; I was surprised to have two more people (Firestorm included) ask me if I could make them a YT banner too.

For this one I went along a similar style like Nazo's, only went for a firey look, used the same techniques on the photo, and this time used Matoran and veteran typewriter fonts.
Here's something important! I realized that YT requires specified sizes for images serving as banners. In order to get these banners to work, I looked up the proportion and found a template to use. This template allowed me to set up the banner in the exact format it needs to be in order to work on YT. So yes, I'm very happy to have found that, and now can have an easier time with this
 whole banner making thing. ^.^

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Need A Hand?

You know that moment of, if the characters in Bionicle were just like their toy versions; that would mean their limbs could be popped off or replaced if one is lost. A pun came to mind for that, where Kiina is asking Kazikii (yes Kazikii, not Gresh) if he needs a hand (literally). He of course is questioning with shock on where in the world she got a hand, and can't believe she's offering it to him.

I love literal puns; hope to make more comics in the future, till then enjoy. ^.~

Makuta Nazo banner

This was my first art request, by a guy who's self MOC is named Makuta Nazo. He asked me if I could make him a Youtube banner, so I accepted the project, and ended up with the above image.

Nazo has a Youtube chanel, here's link to that Makuta Nazo YT (and for the record, he really does like the art piece, which is great).

At first I was shy to the idea of making this, especially when I thought about how much time it would take if I drew his character in full detail; but then I thought, why not make something more simple in my own style, using less strenuous techniques. 

The rest was easy, all I did was choose my canvas size, added splatter paint textures in matching color scheme of the figures armor; then took a photo from Nazo's page, added filters over it to make it poster and comic book like, reversed the image and made his hand direct you to his name. Tada, quick, but snazzy banner. ^.^

 As a final note, Youtube requires a certain size for banners (and I found a template for the exact ratios) which means the small banner itself ends up proportionate and perfect, smack dab in the middle as it's suppose to be. The above image is formatted to YT requirements exactly (it looks odd like this, but trust me, it works). ^.~

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Join Us

 This idea has been running through my head for a few days. The more I looked at Krana faced Tahu and Gali Mata, the stronger it became.

Ever wonder what it might be like, if in some alternate world Gali and Tahu lost a battle to the Bohrok and became their slaves? That's right, you're next. (I think I'd run... or pee my pants).

I settled with two photo versions, the one at top, and the one just above. The one above didn't seem as creepy, so I settled with the darker one. Now prepare to run before one of those face hugging Krana try to eat your soul! O_O

Pearllight self MOC

 Finally! This is my self MOC as of today when she's in basic form. Her build has improved since the many prototype structures, and the overall appearance of my MOC is purely based off the drawing I made of her (see Official proto Pearllight Posters ).

If I had the proper parts, there are a few things I might tweak still (the shoulders mostly); but overall I'm fairly satisfied with the build and how my MOC has "grown" in a sense, through time. 

The main things I changed on her were the torso, feet, and additional hair clip. It was tricky finding a way to mimic the funny metal hair buns on her helmet, while still making them adjustable and able to hold her hair blades that serve as weapons and decoration.

I really like the shoes, and in concept these specific heels (based off their appearance) have a roller skate mode, and are helpful for back kicking, causing the little silver spikes on her ankles to poke and scratch an enemy.

Top row in the panel is of Pearllight with her hair blades in, bottom row is of her with the blades out. If you care to know the functions of my character and how her suit works, see Pearllight Design Pages. All you need to know about her basic suit function, and imagery are there.
 I'm so happy to finally share Pearllight and what she's like as of today. One day I might make a video on the figure; till then enjoy the panel. ^.~

Monday, March 24, 2014


Where to start with how much I love this? Seems like Kiina was given the opportunity to perform on stage at a reservation restaurant /radio station called "CLUB SHOWTIME". Now prepare yourself, no telling if she's tone deaf. XD

The instant I looked at the old picture of Kiina with her frilly skirt on in the image (left); with her funny pose and the glowing back light, a song slipped into my head, one from Cirque Du Soleil called Kooza Dance. The instant that song popped in my noggin, the entire art piece was inspired off of it (hence the Broadway font, sparkling curtains, and glowing back light illuminating the "diva" of the show.)

Art tips: The backdrop was a desktop image that I made adjustments to (the bead fringe, sparkles, and back light). Curtains were already blue, so that was a plus. Kiina's left hand originally had a red peg in it, so I covered it up by making it look like a microphone, using textured brushes (turned out pretty good I think). And finally, I added a shadow and the word SHOWTIME with glow effect.

There you have it folks, enjoy the show! ^.~

Kiina's Skirt

 Just thought I'd cross these old first time images off the list. I took these picture to show off the funny skirt my Kiina character still wears (made it from a strip of unwanted fabric that was sliced from material I used for a costume).  It was very simple, all I had to do was gather the top, scrunch it to size, and end it with ribbon ties of matching color.

I'll confess, I've been in a majorly odd mood for neon colors and music themes (kind of why the background of my picture page ended up having a juke box/ roller derby rink feel to it). What? It seemed to match the theme of that oh so colorful fabric with sparkle I used in the photos.

Tell the truth, I'm pretty satisfied with this; though the theme gives me the urge to dance. :P 

It comes to show you, very little material is needed to make a fun costume for Bionicle. I hope to make more outfits in the future; till then, have fun viewing the four angles of Kiina's skirt (which looks sort of like a tutu..) ^.^

Kiina Outfit with accessories

Back in 2010, I made this outfit with accessories as a going away gift for a friend. Kiina's character kind of matched my friends spunkiness, which is why I got her the toy.

I made a butt flap basically, using some scraps of silky blue fabric, sheer white and silver ribbon, and some light blue satin ribbon for the ties. The end result I found to be quite pretty, and then asked my sister for help in making a necklace to go with it. So she helped me, and I gave Kiina a little blue butterfly necklace; then compiled some plastic flower centers together and gave Kiina something that looks like an odd alien flower.

I love making outfits for my figurines! :D Stay tuned for plenty more Kiina stuff.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Kiina at the Bookshelf Club

 Kiina at the Bookshelf Club. These are random photos taken during some play time with LED lighting; thought Kiina looked cool sitting in a real chill manner on my bookshelf.

Kind of has a sassy, come and sit next to me kind of vibe in my opinion.
The original (above) was simply cropped to focus on Kiina purely. 

An idea came to mind after I looked back at these pics, and I thought, this lighting, and the way Kiina is sitting on my bookshelf makes me think of a night club. So as a joke, called it the Bookshelf Club (additional concept is that it's a secret night club (maybe in the world of LoL) which has a book store as a Front. People can buy books, yes; but at night, if you know the secret code, a doorway to the actual club is revealed from behind one of the bookcases. (Note the club makes the place book themed as part of the running joke).
 Above and below images, I now call the desk floor (yes, these pictures were taken on my desk). I edited the backdrop out and slipped in a big metal door to make it more interesting. Kiina asked to have some pictures taken of her on the desk floor, right before she
 heads for the bookshelf seating. XD
 Sorry for blurriness... camera doesn't like the dark, and my hands were kind of wobbly. :P

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tahu Love- Fake Music Album Cover

Have I gone crazy? It's not even Valentine's Day.... and no, I'm not a Tahu fan girl; so you might be wondering, what in the world is this?!

Let me tell you, I had the strongest urge to make this after seeing this art piece on DA BIONICLE Album cover and then when I read the comment Oyee left, pointing out that the flame arch looked like a half heart shape; something came to mind which grew progressively bigger, and then became absolutely unexpected, but hilarious in my opinion (and decided to take that concept a step further).

The results of this one notion, led to a Tahu Love song album cover. I think I had a three way inspiration here; the first was Oyee's comment, the second related to having Lilo and Stitch on the mind (which then led way to the Elvis song played in the movie "Burnin Love"), and then my recent delving into the first Bionicle movie (remembering what part Tahu has just the right look, for just the right album). And so I give to you "Hunk of Burnin Love"; the hottest new hit on store shelves, by Tahu.

No, this isn't a real album, but I know for a fact that this will become a fake Bionicle product in the Life of Lewa universe (no doubt Lewa bought the CD just to tease Tahu about it).

The songs listed in the corners were added to to make the cover more interesting. Five of them are actual song names I chose randomly for the list. The only song that isn't real (probably some new song in the LoL world) is "Hot Sauce" (at least I don't think there's a real song out there called that; if there is I don't know about it). "Burnin Love" is Elvis (which it gets stuck in my head, but I don't technically like the song beyond using it as a joke),"Hold on Tight" I added from my favorite song in ELO "Hold On Tight To Your Dreams", "Drinking My Baby Goodbye" is related to an LoL related joke where Tahu dances to this Charlie Daniels song (this a result of my friend, not me); "Here Comes the Sun" is real, but overly sappy, so I added its name, and the last song "Haven't Met You Yet" is a real song that gets stuck in my head by Michael Bubble.

There you have it, enjoy and hope you have a good laugh! ^.~

Friday, March 21, 2014

Bionicle Laboratory photos- 2010

First Lab Floor
 Back in 2010 during role play session of LoL; I obtained an old cupboard with a bottom shelf area that became my number one spot for a laboratory to play in. 

I've always enjoyed making scenery and medical equipment for Bionicle (not sure why); it's always been a game to invent things that work for photo shoots and play. Here's what's fun, this mini lab (no longer assembled and long put away) has two floors, both of which contain a multitude of random objects you might not have expected useful as props.

The first floor of the lab is my favorite; me and my friend used it so often in LoL that it became a magical spot for play. I added in white LED Christmas lights to the wall with sticky tack (needed a light source of some kind to see, and white LED's make the perfect creepy lab lighting look).

To the left of the room is a control panel made of LEGO parts sitting next to a tool chest; this structure was used to represent the control panel used for anonymous equipment in the room. Then come the following objects in the close up right corner image below.
 I used an off brand Barbie medic table (left in above image), complete with heat lamp, shelves, and drawers that actually hold things. On the shelves I added random lego things that I used for medical stuff in story, also threw in some cloth strips (bandages). On the top of this research table I added assembled lego props of medicine bottles and a medical book propped on a holder. Next to that is a tray that came with the desk, and a metal bottle cap I use for a bowl to hold whatever. Then there's the purple table and chairs (part of a Barbie camping set), which I used a study table; complete with lego prop that has a microscope, control panel, and overhead lamp. I also included a mini trash can on the table, and on the floor another trash can made from a creamer container. The last elements in the corner are a broken lava lamp (the black wax used to represent some kind of shadow jell which is contained in this "light chamber" for study), and a candy container made to look like a tool chest with a few actual opening drawers that I put stuff in.
In the right corner I put all my LEGO made equipment. There are two medical beds (for different purposes) made with lego parts, and then there's the rolling monitor and medical crane for lifting heavy equipment. The main medical bed was the most used and liked during play; I made it so it could roll, tilt, and hold the character on by putting their hands throw the silver clips (which serve as restraints in the story). As for the crane (that tall yellow thing), it was rather top heavy, but I made it to look like it worked as crane, complete with a red start button and direction arrow buttons.
The close up angled view of the bed and monitors (seems kind of menacing, which is what I was going for). Isn't it cool? Now if only the monitor lit up and were green instead of orange. I also added a flexible hook hand that holds onto the IV jar (bag) complete with tube. One day I might try to make a better designs of this equipment, and possibly do a video on how to assemble your own lab stuff, and how to set up a scene with it.
The second medical bed (above) in the very corner (sorry for the blurriness) was used here and there for play, mostly used by villains, and not usually a pleasant medical devise. This design was interesting, but rather unstable; I could never get it to stay together whenever I put a figurine on it, so we rarely used it for play.
Second Lab Floor (basement)
The second floor of my cupboard lab is the basement essentially. I sort of just pretended there were back rooms and a staircase to the lower floor. Again, lots of anonymous objects were used, most of them not LEGO like the top floor. I figured the basement would be where odd ball equipment, and specimens would be held. The lower floor is basically messy and made for study (or in depth research), such as scans, medicine making, and stuff like that.
In the left corner we have lots of odd objects. The metal table is made from a overturned bread pan; on top of it there's a wooden box of water for cooling hot metal that's been heated on the stove and forged on the mini anvil. Usually small objects like medical blades are made here. The small stove is made of lego parts, and next to it is a bowl of small fish (looks like someone is making soup). Next to that is another small microscope, a scanner made of lego parts, and a purple sand hourglass. In the very corner are specimens, one of a black bohrok in its canister, and one of an aquatic dragon held in an old percolator beaker (now serving as a fish tank). Then next to that is a smaller jar (also used for specimens). Next to the tanks is a bookcase made of cardboard and duck tape; on its shelves I put prototype weapons (specifically different kinds of ray guns), a specialty shield, and some experimental armor (oh, and a lego made metal detector) :P As for the strange thing in the middle of the room, that's a generator to the building (made of three Toa canister lids stacked on top of each other, three energy glowing rods, and a containment energy sphere a marble propped on the Toa face in the center)

In the right corner of the basement is an X-ray/healing ray bed (made form a foam block, a plastic lid, and some stiff fabric). I made the X-ray/ healing ray things from lego parts (they too didn't stay together very well). There's also that weird yellow and red thing next to the bed; I used it as an artificial blood producer (because this red stuff dribbles in it, and slides down the yellow thing. To the far right is a Barbie store shelf used to hold random goods (nets, masks, stones, medicines, extra supplies). And on top of the shelf is a mini green house made to hold rare plant and bug species; next to that is some kind of medicinal alien bamboo (both things made from lego parts).

And that's the entire lab (someday I may remake the lab, add in better equipment, and show you how to make fun scenes for Bionicle photo shoots. ^.~

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hahli and Gali- Spring Walk

Several years ago during a warm afternoon, I snapped shots of Hahli Mahri and Gali Mistika taking a pleasant walk through the long grasses.

First we start off from a distance, then zoom in as they speak of Toa matters. (It's all concept really; these images were anonymous photos taken to look like the two ladies were traveling somewhere in a meadow just outside Le-Koro.) I'm considering a comic idea for them, or maybe add them to a mini story, but currently the basic photos are what I have to share in this post.

(More photos below, didn't feel like using my flickr).

  The above image is one my favorites out of the nine shared. I love how the sunlight illuminates them, and the angle brings you more at their level, like you can almost hear what they're talking about. Concept dialogue, Hahli puts her hand up and tried to assure Gali, "I know Jaller will do the right thing, he's not like Tahu; he's learned from other leaders examples and mistakes" she says. Gali nods, "Yes, you're right, Jaller is more likely to listen....unlike Tahu. It's a shame Ta-Koroans are so hot headed and confident; if it weren't for water, their behavior could lead to their destruction." she sighs. Both the Ga-Toa agree with concern.

 Close up side views above and below. These two are my second favorites out of the nine, specifically the one below, so clean and crisp, once again bringing you down to the figures level.

Closing scene, left angle of the ladies (taken right before the sun was going down and getting too dark for me to take more pictures.) Enjoy. ^.~

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lewa-Photo Drawings

Cocky Lewa
 Quite some time ago (about 2011) I strived for perfection, flawless detail down to the very last notch of a Bionicle figure in drawn form. I was tired of skewed, imperfect angles that constantly warped and changed as I tried to copy what I saw from a 3D object onto a flat surface.

Then I thought, if people trace over human forms and faces to obtain perfection in art; why not apply the same technique to one of my favorite Bionicle characters, Lewa. My goal was to make a few perfect drawings for the sake of using in a sketch book cover project; then came the photo shoot.

 I posed the figure in multiple stances, trying to figure out which pose I liked most as a book cover I planned on using for a notebook holding Life of Lewa art work. The photo of my first drawing "Cocky Lewa" (left), pleased me because I could hear in my head Lewa saying to his future sweet heart Venimbus, "Hey Venimbus, look what I can do. I can hard-fight and look good at the same time." Basically in this pose he's trying to show off and be attractive to Venimbus.

Once I had my photo's, I worked with an over layer (like tracing paper in the digital world), and worked many long hours on tracing over every detail, and every curve. The longer I worked, the more I wondered why I started the project, questioning my sanity and patients as I went; but in the end, after making the outline, I already started feeling great about the project. Then when I went on to coloring, the feeling returned, but I didn't let it stop me, I was determined to make this picture into something great. Finally I ended up with the full colored image, and was satisfied, absolutely tickled and warm about all the detail in this image (though it was technically cheating). :P
Lewa's Battle Stance
Several years later (as of today) I finally finished coloring the second image made for a book cover, "Lewa's Battle Stance". It took so much energy to draw both these images, and color the first back in 2011, that I put off finishing the coloring for second till many years later (better late than never).

I really like this stance actually, makes Lewa look very heroic in my opinion, a stance I'd be almost thrilled to see if he were protecting me. >_<
The coloring process for this was a tad bit different from the first image, but the drawing process was done the same as first (being that I made both in one sitting during 2011).

Original photo (below), and traced drawing (above). I can say it's still a ton of work to trace over an image with so much detail, especially when the lines get blurry, and the lighting is minimal in showing maximum details on every inch of the figurine.

 There you have it, perfect drawings made with patience and persistence, now complete and ready for use. (That's another thing, I never did use these final images as book covers, changed my mind over the years, and came up with better ideas). ^.~