Monday, February 29, 2016

Takua the Videogamer

 "Takua, we're suppose to be at Turaga Vakama's hut."
"Hang on Jaller, I just gotta finish my high score!"

Been awhile, I know, but I managed to work up some energy to make this. Let's take a trip down memory lain, I've been so longing for an escape, an adventure, that I delve back into the early MNOG (Mata Nui Online Game). I smiled as I thought once more on what it would be like to tag along with Takua on some of his adventures, recalling the funny little device known as the book of chronicles he was given from Nokama. 
It was then I reflected on how this little computer looked like an odd alien gameboy or one of those hand held game devices from the 80's. On that thought I could see Takua secretly playing games on the device when he's suppose to be chronicling events, Jaller displeased when he discovers Takua's little secret.
 I have two versions of the image, one vignette and the full view. I felt the vignette looked better and focused on the scene more. The tree stump, grasses, and characters were drawn on vellum paper, inked, then colored with mostly marker and a bit of colored pencil.

I found lighting to be a bit tricky, still rather rusty in that. After scanning the picture, I added it to a scanned watercolor image my brother made for me, everything melding together nicely in the end.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Love Struck Gresh comic

With Valentine's Day coming up, I figured now is the time to share this, a small comic portraying a love struck Gresh and the classic concept of Tahu winning Gali's feelings.

"Love Struck" is inspired off of Saronicle's Gali and Gresh stop motion from so long ago, a name mentioned in the intro of this comic. The theme is silly, rightfully so, and is not to be taken seriously.

I remember when I was younger the videos nudged me towards the Deviant Art community where I found Saronicle had her own page and all that jazz. I liked the fact someone else wasn't afraid to deviate from the considered formalities of canon, able to think outside the box and reach towards the bizarre and amusing, much like myself. I mentioned about this before on the Deviant Art post Heart Hit.
For easier reading of the above and following, feel free to check out the PDF version of this comic.
Some details about the project: Backgrounds consist of scrapbook paper with added elements like Barbie toys. Valentines and heart frames are scrapbook die cuts, and the final scene has its own post called Gresh Pin Up.
 The fun doesn't end on the final scene before closing, imagery in the comic can make sweet, nerdy Valentines. This picture is my official choice for a Valentine card. For those who wonder how I got this shot, I held up a die cut frame, closed one eye, and took a picture through the heart window.