Sunday, May 10, 2015

Takanuva's Travels Intro Poster Page

I've been putting it off for the longest time, but it's been a comic book concept on my list for what seems like forever. Takanuva's Travels is the name, a random mini series idea where Takanuva gets tossed into worlds far away from his mark, experiencing the stranger side of the universe during his quest for Karda Nui. By stranger I mean places not populated with the Bionicle species and rather places that contain evil fairies, the men in black, odd moon people who look Human, you get the idea.

This opening poster image is a glimpse at the comic book series which I haven't had a chance to start. If I do manage to make the first comic, there will be pages that come before this opening scene, complete with a main graphic novel cover. The opening scene itself is simply to introduce the concept behind the comic series, showing Takanuva falling through a portal in space, headed for his first experience in a world unknown.

As it's been stated in the past, additional comics that connect to this comic series is the two part graphic novel, Travels of Frona. You could say this comic concept has existed within other concepts and small art pieces of mine, making it even more interesting in my opinion. In reality it's mostly a series that's meant to be laughable.

The opening poster itself was enjoyable to make. You can see above what it looks like without text and speech bubbles. I used a space desktop image, some cloud brushes, lighting brushes, and a photograph. The main opening image has text of course, for introducing the story.

You'll be seeing more of this comic in the future hopefully, with some background on the name and concept of it. Till then, hope the intro *lights* up ones imagination.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Kiina-fu Stop Motion

Years back I did a series of stop motion tests with StopMotion Pro, and it seems about time I get the short clips up for viewing. Kiina-Fu (Kiina kung fu) is a short spoof of two videos shot the same day, done to test movement.  
I compiled the two clips together like a spoof vlog, spoken from a first person stand point, my self MOC Pearllight being the one addressing the audience as though she had taken the recordings and is sharing them.