Friday, November 7, 2014

LoL-Quoting Poetry

Official image for Life of Lewa chapter 8 "A Jump For Love". Base scene above is Lewa trying to quote Junti poetry to Venimbus at the local jungle market. Venimbus is face palming so hard right now. Can you guess what happens next in Lewa's day? ;P
Take two, digital dirt is a tad different. I went with take one because the angle was nicer, showed Venimbus's expression better. Angle two shows Lewa's goofiness more, but I need both characters to look their best.
One of the original shots. Amazing what you can do with some simple tweaks. All of this was done with black foam boards, fake plants, and two figurines. Later level adjustments and background additions brought life to the scene.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Onah's Boredom Nap

In the MN-CN-I RP I've noticed the fun balance of island mixed in with hints of Japanese inspiration. In the one episode, BM FTW had Ion quote playfully for Mildred to be a sensei of lighting fires with gas (too much to explain). But after that one bit, it made me instantly see Ion's slight Asian like mentality, which led to the thought of  Ion and Onah in a Japanese sparring room. And I can see it, during lessons, Ion listens to the teacher, Onah falls asleep against his shoulder, bored out of her mind. The image above is what I saw in my head during the idea.

Everything was done quick and sketchily. I've been trying to work faster in hopes of getting speed and quality combined, so I can make comics.

I know Ion could look better, more accurate to that of BM FTW's MOC, but I didn't spend too much time on making it perfect, figured it wouldn't matter much as long as you can tell who it is

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Jungle-water suit-concept

Old concept work done back in 2009 or so. I designed a jungle theme for Pearllight's many element modes her suit can switch to. Original on the right, nice and green, and much to my surprise even liked by mom.

I was going for a snake theme, or something jungly, semi reptilian even. But then I was told the scales and the overall appearance looked more like a water dwelling creature. That made me wonder how it would look blue, and I ended up with the left image in the panel.

Personally I love both, and the blue version seems really pretty. The general concept for this suit theme came from the idea of when my character travels through the forest of the Bionicle universe, may even use it to blend in later during the Life of Lewa series.

The blue version of this, I've considered using somewhere too. Nothing wrong with having a base design in different shades.