Friday, July 24, 2015

Seawing Card Collection

 As mentioned in previous post, I have made some cards with some of the pictures in my Seawing sticker sheet. The main card is on the left. On the right, and below is the small card set I call Ocean Ruins.

Who is Seawing? This characters history has never been made official, but her character and back story associate with a fan fiction comic I have yet to write script for, and make into a comic book.

Seawing and four other characters were formed from spare pieces found at a yard sale. I felt like building that day, and put together some new and interesting figures. Soon names to match the look of my MOCs came, Seawing getting her name because of her hybrid form of being a water Toa with bird feet and weapons that look like featherless wings, allowing her to glide through the water like a bird.

The other two concept names for Seawing were Flyfisher and Sea Falcon. Seawing felt the most feminine and the most fitting. Seawing's name will be the name of the comic since the story starts with her.

As a story concept, I'm unsure of how to explain her creature attributes. I think the best bet is to say that she accidentally walked through an underwater pool of energized protodermis, and it caused her feet to morph. I'm unsure if her wings are a permanent thing or just her weapons of choice.
Seawing has never thought highly of herself, but despite her mutated feet, certain Toa find her very attractive.

 Don't Pass

 Looks like Seawing doesn't want intruders exploring this new found structure on the ocean floor.

More about the Ocean Ruins card set. When it came to background, I had trouble deciding on proper set up. The main card of Seawing I like, the two with the underwater doorways were a bit more difficult to deal with because of proportion and pose of Seawing in her fighting stances. I guess they're okay, just a bit more open, so Seawing isn't as big of a main focus.

I like to imagine that now and then Seawing explores the depths in search of lost objects or past structures long forgotten, a small hobby that tests her swimming strength and gives her practice in using her mask of water breathing.
Dance to the Tides

 "Dance to the Tides" may just be my most favorite card in the collection.

With all my cards following after the "Ocean Ruins" set, I've saved the option of one with Seawing's title, and one without (left).

I like to think Seawing swims out to this little island patch now and then for some fighting practice in the water, a nice way to meditate.
 Follow Me

 As the title says, Seawing is taking a stroll through the jungle, wanting someone to follow her down the path leading to who knows where.

I'll note each background was a desktop image that I added to and tweaked.

I want to follow Seawing, don't you? Don't worry, she's nice. :P
 In the Floodlands

 Every now and then Seawing finds her way through flooded canals of the forest and explores the mossy areas with her blades drawn just in case.

This picture was fun, the water an added thing. I find the scene rather relaxing, though the rocks and trees would prove to be mean obstacles for one taking a nice dip.
 Final cards in the set are the Sunny Day Seawing collection. I made two versions, both with and without title.
When the day is warm and the sun is out, Seawing is bound to come on shore at some point to walk around and admire all the pretty flowers. I like to think of this scene as a place Seawing dwells, her home somewhere nearby.
 Seawing can be a silly. Look at that glamorous foot pop. XP

I'll note that I went back in after making the Sunny Day set and tweaked it. The originals as you see here, were bugging me, then I realized it's because the sand wasn't right. I'm much happier with the tweak, making her clawed toes appear to be gripping in the sand instead of sitting on top of it.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Seawing MOC Panel-sticker collection

Seawing, I'll tell more about her in the next post. This MOC is a compilation figure, created from multiple spare parts sitting around on my bed from a yard sale one day, hence the combo Toa, creature mix.

I really like Seawing, especially the shape those Barahki pieces give, perfect parts for a smooth, girly structure. 

Because my MOC panels tend to hold all imagery in one spot, I call them sticker sheets. Why a sticker sheet? Having a MOC panel with all cleaned up images displayed in one spot allows me to go back and select one of the poses for other projects such as postcards, book covers, and illustrations, which you will be seeing in the near future.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Lewa's Monkey Dance

Lewa's monkey dance, a dance based off the dance in the Johny Bravo cartoon intro when he says, "Do the monkey with me". 
This stop motion was a group project done between me and my sister. She inspired the idea.
Several things come to mind which make this animation even funnier to me. One is Lewa doing this dance in battle victory, another is him doing this dance after finding old records in a back room and having a party, and finally I see this clip somewhere in the future when one day I hopefully finish writing more episodes for the Life of Lewa series (a day to party). XP
Final trivia notes, Lewa doing the monkey is a good reference for the Life of Lewa series considering his wife calls him a big green monkey or ape at times.