Saturday, September 1, 2012


 I've been going through my old sketchbook again, and scanned some old sketches from 2009. The very first sketch I made in my old purse sketch book is of a sci-fi lock. I do believe I made it as a lock you might find in the Bionicle world for certain doors. So I took this old sketch and finally made it into a main piece.... four main pieces to be precise; two different doors, with the option of electric sealed or not. I'm terrible at making decisions, which is why I made all four.

 I feel that the electric one is more interesting, but that's my personal choice. I do feel there could be a way around this decision; perhaps when active the door is sealed with electricity, and when deactivated looks like a simple lock, as shown below.

 (above) lock inactive

 The second door has more of a...... door feel to it. For both the images,of the previous and this one, I used machinery stock pictures to achieve the backgrounds. With a few adjustments in Photoshop, I think it helped make the pieces more appealing.

 The original sketch and paint process

                  (original sketch)                    
     The original sketch has gotten quite dusted from the pencil. You can barely make out the original lock designs I spent so much time on. Originally I think I was aiming for a lock that was similar in appearance to a Skrall shield.

I went through several stages of improving on this design, and at first gave it a plain gray backdrop before it was shaded (upper right corner). I then went on to lighting, settled with blue on the outer ring, and added simplistic lighting to the metal parts (bottom right image). This was my base design, used in the main images.

Honestly, I feel that in a story sense, this lock would belong to a door that leads to an entirely chrome plated room with LED floor lights. In the center I think that maybe it would contain a staff of dimensions, a device that can allow any being to warp through other worlds, even visit the same world several times at any hour without disrupting time itself. In the right hands the weapon could be used for good purposes, fixing a mistake that threatened the lives of others for instance. But in the wrong hands, it could lead to a whole bunch of trouble, where villains rule, all are enslaved, and any hero is killed.

Granted that idea sounds relatively cliche', but if I wanted to, I could probably make a mini episode of Pearllight on a quest for the staff, in hopes that it could restore her broken portal windows. Unfortunately the results are devastating, the staff isn't capable of restoring an already lost dimension. This would likely lead to Pearllight being chased by Makuta who want the staff to change the world of Mata Nui, and she's forced to destroy the staff to prevent chaos; even though that staff may have been able to help her find answers to the way things are, and why they turned out the way they did.