Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Lewa and Pearl

 Lewa and Pearl, an experiment to test out my accuracy height chart created one night on a scrap piece of paper, my curiosity needing to be fed, to know the mysterious question of how tall in accuracy in comparison to myself is a Toa, and what does that look like? 
After some sketching and mathematical irritation, I got two concept charts of measurement, the first experiment on the left, and the second main chart on the right. After finding a way to convert feet and inches into a smaller scale of accuracy on paper, I found Toa are pretty big, but not as huge as some may visualize in comparison to a human. I used this graph as a guide to create a photo of Lewa from the Life of Lewa universe (it's an alternate world) standing next to Pearl. As you can see above, a Toa is rather large compared to Pearl, but not as towering as some may think. If Pearl were to give Lewa a hug, her head would at least snuggle nicely against his belly. Granted, I wouldn't want to be chased by something like this...especially not after looking at the size of Lewa's feet, finally seeing they are indeed the size of half my torso.
This specific image of Lewa has been in line for years to be made into a poster for LOL, so I went ahead and made a stand alone image to give him the spotlight. As mentioned, this build of Lewa stands for his more jungly self in the Life of Lewa series.
 I made cropped versions of these as well, to focus on the scene more.

Side note, Lewa and Pearl either met at this spot to talk, or they're heading for some place in the jungle. Lewa going for a walk willingly...what madness is this? O.O