Friday, December 30, 2016

Onah Icon by Oyee

A few days ago the artist known as Oyee, on Deviant Art,  asked if anyone had requests for a challenge she was doing, to create emoticons of different characters of any kind. It was my first opportunity to see what one of my character's heads would look like if drawn by someone else.
One of the faces in particular reminded me of Onah, so I decided to suggest it, but wasn't expecting Oyee to actually tackle it as part of her challenge. When I saw this today, I was amazed, and extremely warm inside. It's the first time ever that I've seen one of my characters drawn by someone else, and the way Oyee drew Onah here has inspired ideas on how to draw Onah in the future if I need her to have expression.

I enjoy the work of Oyee, having discovered her through Bionicle fan art, specifically when viewing her Bionicle fan comic, "Big Fish". Her style has a very interesting look in the sense of how she melds mechanical and organic aspects of Bionicle into one.
Onah seems like an even cuter character now that I've seen her in someone elses style.

I chose this specific expression for Onah because it's a face I'm very familiar with. I imagine she's making this face after commenting a witty, but not so brilliant remark in front of someone she admires.