Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fem Skrall Skaliska

 Fem Skrall, a Queen Skaliska concept design, pen sketch from 2009 now colored and backdropped.

Skaliska is a villain from the Life of Lewa series, a very evil witch, second worst baddy in the story. The cape is to add to her whole royally evil queen look, also based off the clothing the MOC wears.
 Original pen sketch on the left, colored version right. The pen sketch was based off her MOC, but not exact to her. A redraw of Skaliska may be in order some time in the future.

Final piece with color and cape, minus background. She's so creepy, I love it. :D

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Puzzled Lewa

Nothing like some black outline and color to an old sketch which dates back to  at least 2011. "Puzzled Lewa", kind of debated on what to do with the sketch, put off coloring it till a day ago and am happy with the results.

I should try this style more often, has an odd charm I like. And those added details, mm....I love double shades on one my favorite characters.

Why is Lewa puzzled? I remember when I sketched this, a concept came to mind that still makes me chuckle; I was doing this without much care, and as I drew I saw Pearllight smirking and looking up at Lewa saying, "Hey Lewa, ever wonder why your feet look like giant gray slippers?" That's why he has that puzzled face. :P

Sometime I may make a full scene of that day dream, and use this existing image to complete it.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Flame's History Share

 Flame's History Share, a scene for LOL chapter 11, "When Cultures Collide". I did my mini photo shoot as usual and got the base shot (above), and a close up (below).
This close up may be the official picture for my chapter. I like the angle of it which shows the engagement between characters, Lewa and Venimbus listening with interest while Flame tells them history and his story on how he became Lewa's buddy.