Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ion's Vacation Photo

Couldn't resist, another joint project. I took a picture taken by BionicleMOC FTW, of his character Ion is newest form, half shadow half air in element (love those arms). The pose nudged me to place him on a more interesting background for the heck of it. Oh look, now Ion is on vacation, standing on the beach of Mata Nui. :P

As a joke we conceptualized my character Pearllight took a photo of him, and he posed for it. Souvenir image for the both of them. I figure the image can also be fun for a faux scrapbook, filled with pages of your MOC on different adventures, with fake journaling written by you (I mean your character). When this scene happens, likely in the alternate world (the MN-CV-I RP, a new private group I invented, something I may speak more about at a later time).

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Onah the female Le toa

Onah, the very first female air Toa I've ever designed. Her helmet design has flashed through my head for ages, and is solely based off this Green Elven Knight Helmet, a piece of work I've admired for a very long time now. Upon designing Onah, I went for a feather theme to match the element of air, and then to match her character more, I added additional jungle based accessories, her skirt flap and armlets based off this anonymous set of female armor (which I would call Marsh Elf armor).

Onah has been designed and created due to the G+ Mata Nui RP I've been acting in. Her character in general, developed extremely quickly; I made her for multiple reasons, one of them is so I can play a witty, green character that brings a bit of LoL into another world. Now that she's been designed, I may have her character exist in the LoL universe, as well as this alternate Mata Nui dimension (history and her biography will likely differ in the two worlds). Her existence is related to a concept of my character playing a prank on the character known as Ion (further details on the history are listed in Onah's character profile below).

Onah's character profile

Name: Onah (Oh- na)

Race: Toa

Element: Air

Mask: Customized Miru-Kakama (a mask of levitation and speed. Mirkama for short).

Alignment : Good

Weapons: Two katana (smaller than average katana, more like a machete. Onaha prefers light weight weapons, and her naturally small structure fairs well with smaller blades), end decorated with green translucent stone. Pee shooter with length extensions, hip holster and sleeping darts. Has a whip braid, looks like a hair attachment and clicks into a decorative head holster (she commonly uses this for traveling through the trees, and lashing fruit off vines). Carries two smaller blades in sheaths beneath her double skirt flap armor for emergency combat and tree climbing.

Notable possessions: Carries small objects in her leather pouch attached to her skirt armor. Carries a few widgets, a sundial, flute, and mini canteen (other possessions may vary).

Physical Traits: Onah stands 6' 10'' in height, a good size for a female Toa. Her structure is small and rather light weight, yet strong and flexible, giving her optimum control and advantage in the jungle while wielding her abilities. The light weight helps her fly faster, and her strength and flexibility apply to constant climbing of trees, vine swinging, and pulling crazy stunts. Her overall structure is curvy, but muscular, and slightly dainty, like a bird (hence the feather theme on her armor and mask).

Other Traits: Onah is a very traditional air type, and like many, speaks tree-speak. She's a little more quiet than average air types, and though sociable, fun loving, caring, free spirited, and adventurous, she tends not to chatter too much, feeling wind needs time to silence itself and calm, be more soothing so as not to give itself away. Other days she can be very passionate, and thoughtful, yet slightly naive, and outspoken.
        She can be a bit fidgety, and flail a lot, but manages to catch herself on most occasions, and laughs it off if she does make simple mistakes.
        She believes in the forest song, and that music is the greatest way to honor the land and people of it, also a way to cure the weary hearted, and bring strength to the protectors of the land. She tends to sit high up in the trees and play flute songs, also can understand bird song and whistle back. She has a powerful set of lungs, and sings for both rahi and tree villagers, able to carry her powerful voice further using the winds, believing she can comfort or call and warn all around her with music.
        She loves to fly and vine swing, and gets a thrill out of aerial tricks and dancing.
        Onah loves to climb trees and search for fresh fruit; to her, jungle fruit and any kind of fruit is like candy. She has a major sweet tooth, and a rather high metabolism to keep up with her speedy, acrobatic life style.
        Her armor is very blending to the forest, and she tends to make a pop sound with her lips before she vanishes into the canopy with the blink of an eye. Her natural armor colors aid in keeping her very camouflaged in the forest, and she tends to playfully pop up out of nowhere if you're not paying attention. 

Biography: Onah was a fictional character designed by Pearllight. In the G+ Mata Nui RP, Pearllight uses this fantasy figure to play a prank on the air type, Ion. Pearllight starts the prank by morphing her own armor to appear as this fictional being, but soon discovers Ion is interested after a few days, and pities him. The prank was played for fun, and as a security test run, in case Pearllight needed to change her identity. Upon seeing that Ion was interested, and the fact that Pearllight had stolen a few Le Matoran lives from Le Koro when she was under the influence of Rahkshi poison, Pearllight decided to make this fictional character a reality by using the dream wave option from the crystal of elements, and brings Onah into the real world. Onah then serves as a being that can be a friend to Ion, and replace the beings which were now lost. Onah has no memories beyond the fact that she fell from her tree home and hit her head on a branch, thus losing memories of the time before (the memory in itself planted there when she was brought into existence). Her history may vary depending on which universe she exists in.

Weaknesses: Like any Toa, she can only use so much elemental power before she must wait for it to recharge. If her mask is removed, she's drastically weakened and prone to harm.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Shadow Pearl

 *Evil laugh* I've been fixing to make this forever. Ever wonder what Pearllight would be like evil? This is it, I give to you, shadow Pearl (a joint drawing related to an original concept of my character when she's angry. Note she's squishing a cupcake in her right hand; that was part of the original idea.)
In original concept I wanted to make angry Pearl because I was..well, angry. Now I see shadow Pearl is even more interesting; where she's from, in the RP on G+ Pearllight gets scratched by a Rahkshi of poison, then shot by a Rahkshi of anger. Both effects combined result in shadow Pearl, a nasty, cold, cruel version of Pearllight. The base design can also be applied to the concept of Jusha Pearl in the LoL universe (one of her many disguises while she does research in the dark forest).

Pearllight will be facing a nightmarish side of herself in RP before she's cured of it (by Tokuta of course). So glad to have crossed this image off the list, starting yesterday, finishing today.
Base pencil sketch (above). It's actually easier to see her eyes when it's not colored..but oh well, her eyes look smaller in the colored version (just an illusion because of the color black). I enjoyed adding the additional armor details and shadowy tribal frame sides; gave it just the right touch.