Friday, May 18, 2012

New Pearllight Build

Coming back to you with a new Pearllight build.

The new and improved Pearllight is now equipped with a larger chest plate , enhanced high heeled shoes; new plating on the lower section, with added rear armor, and an upper back insert to give her more depth and human like curve.

I tried making her look more like the official poster drawing I did of her awhile back.  Link is here if you can't remember I also kept her outfit on for the first pictures, since she's commonly wearing these clothes.

One of the main reasons I had to change her structure so much, and try making it more human compared to her original plastic build, is because I wanted to add her adjustable hair blade holsters. The original structure didn't agree with her hair blades, so I had to make some major tweaks to the body.

I hope she still looks feminine after all that tweaking. She came out quite large when I was finished, and almost seems to be more of a Helga rather than a Pearllight compared to the other Bionicle figurines.

Because of her extra bulk, I'm thinking maybe this is her super structure, when in need of heavier protection during an intense battle.

Back view in dress 

 Showing off more of the structure, here's Pearllight without her outfit, and standing from two different side angles.
side view 

 Two different views of her hair blades from the back. As I mentioned, they're adjustable. 
The above blade position is the most common, since they don't get in the way as much when facing outward.

Below: this is what I'd call the wing position. great for flight, but not as practical when fighting. You can see what I mean by adjustable.
wing blade position

 Hair blades out. This is what you'll commonly see when Pearllight is preparing to fight, not that she likes fighting.

Below: back view when her blades are out. The holsters themselves are made to look like hair buns, which the blades clip into.

  Below are close up images of her shoes. Thought I'd share detail.

                Right side view                                                                                     Side heel view
The heels look like wheels, and may actually be used as skates, but can lock for normal use. 


                 Left side view                                                                                   Back heel view

Two good friends. I just wanted to show you what I mean by a very large build.
Lewa is one of the tallest average Toa figurines, and Pearllight is standing at about the same level. 
Note, Pearllight is only suppose to be six foot, not seven foot, which is why I would call this form a super version. 

She's more at average height if I replace the high heel shoes with flat ones.

I may or may not keep this new armored Pearllight. I suppose if I keep her flat shoes on she'll be less monstrous.

Happy viewing. ^_^

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Insulted Matoran

Originally this picture wasn't going to have the text I gave it. At first I was going to make her say, "Awww, look at the cute midget bots." (which I might use later); but then I got a better idea.

I feel like this picture expresses the irritation of looking younger than you really are. That sort of problem runs in my family, and my best internet friend faces the same issue. So here's for you "older than you look" people out there.

What was supposed to stay simple, turned out being more work than I intended.
Even when doing something comical, I try making it look nice. 4 days of work later, and I'm now posting it.:P

The three Matoran and the girl were drawn on paper, scanned, and then colored digitally. Now as for my representation of Pohatu, I sketched him out directly in the program (I started getting lazy by that point). I feel Pohatu is the least perfect of them all, but I pushed my inner critic away, and told myself it didn't matter, since this was supposed to be on the comical side anyway. 

Also, I've been trying to work at drawing movement, so this is a start. You can tell I didn't take as much time drawing it out as I did with my Pearllight poster; but still, for being a simple comic, it's not bad.

These are the two base sketches of the main piece. Left image was the concept sketch; I used the form from this sketch to make Pearllight. Right is a full detail draft of the Matoran figures which were then outlined and colored digitally.

Happy viewing. ^_^

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Pearllight :D

Guess what day it is? That's right, my birthday. :)
Okay, so the images are dated from last year, but I never actually shared them on my main sites. Better to do it now while Pearllight is still around.

I chose the best pictures from Pearllight's birthday album. 
Above is Pearllight's standing pretty pose, and below to the right is a second version of standing pretty. To the left is what I call the actress pose; very flamboyant, and almost too giddy.

                      Actress pose                                                             Standing pretty, second pose

 Here Pearllight is so excited she can't keep from popping her foot. Yep, girlishness is just bursting from within. Though, these poses belong more to the old Pearllight personality.

 For me? I like cake, especially chocolate.^_^

All right, I'll pose for you. Take a picture, it will last longer, a whole lot longer than this cake. >:)

 Come on and take the picture already, I want cake. >:(

One of the nicest pictures in the whole album...or at least by my opinion. A final pic before the messy chow down of cake.

Details on the picture: These pictures were taken on a homemade set, all done on my bed. I put down some cardboard box props, and draped sparkly fabric over top. Pearllight's eyes are lit from the back by a carefully placed LED key chain light; brings the personality out in her. The knife is a dollhouse accessory, the cake from a Disney princess Polly pocket set, the table holding the cake from Barbie, the table cloth an old handkerchief, the birthday hat from a Kelly doll, and the dress made from a fancy hair scrunchy and tulle scraps.

You can find these details and more pictures of Pearllight's birthday here