Tuesday, September 22, 2015


 "Cornered" is the next image that comes right after "No Escape" You guessed correctly that Lisa Ohenery is cornered against the locked ship door she was banging on in previous image, now staring strait into the eyes of Hakann. As a concept in the Podeastrian story, Lisa seems to be in serious trouble, but Rick Williams comes to the rescue, able to unlock the sealed door from the other side and yank her from near death, the two having to run when Hakann starts to pry the closing door open. 
I enjoyed experimenting with this image. This is the original version which has a grainy camera feel due to the roughness in the pictures. I decided I wanted it to be smoother since the view was meant to be from first person perspective looking at the scene directly and not through a camera. To achieve this I used the smudge tool, happy with the clean, painted comic look that resulted.

The structure of this illustration was again inspired in some way by the movie Alien. And once more I used a DA stock image called Side View Commission Part 2 (of 4)
by the same woman as last image. This time I sought out an image to work with the scene in mind. I was happy to have found one in the same stock gallery, seeing it was rather tricky finding the right mood and head position of someone staring at a creature in stiff fear. Also in both cases I've used my own photos of a Hakann toy.

Monday, September 21, 2015

No Escape

 "No Escape", a continuation of the Podeastrian story concept. Lisa Ohenery finds herself banging against a locked ship door in one of the halls of cargo pod 12 as Hakann starts coming after her from behind. Will she escape certain doom and reverse pod 12's lock down? (If this were a written story, the answer is yes). 

Smile You're On Camera  is the previous image to this one, which continues the Podeastrian story concept. I mentioned about the basics of Podeastrian on the previous post; check that out if you feel lost.
 For the first time in art process, I really dedicated myself to making this look as good as I could get it. Aimed for a painted comic book appearance, and played with tints over the picture, settling with a green tint for the main image since it creates a rather unnerving feel which is what I wanted. However I also made a normal version with a teal tinted glass for less tension (left) and the original is also displayed (right). I was told it seemed a bit clear for glass, hence why I made a teal tinted version.

This is also the first time I've used DA stock in my work. The image of the woman is from the DA picture Reaching Stock 1 .This image actually inspired this scene, I didn't dream of the scene till I saw the stock photo, then I knew exactly what I wanted to do.
 Really love how this turned out.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Smile You're On Camera

"Smile, You're On Camera". Spooky has been fun to work with in the art world recently. This picture connects onto a few others, the idea originating from an old concept I once discussed with a friend. The concept is roughly labeled "Skakdi Invasion-Human ship" in my idea book; recently though I've thought of some better back story and possible name for this concept. I've been calling it "Podeastrian" lately.

Lisa Ohenery, a pod engineer, and Rick Williams, a medical officer, wake from cryogenic sleep when the ship alarm is set off, reasons unknown. Pod 12 cargo ship, the vessel they worked on had been lost in space for 10 years due to a malfunction in the guidance system. Only two people needed to man the pod, but during sleep it went off course and stopped somewhere east in the Rian solar system. Upon waking from sleep they go to find what set the alarm off, only to discover the ship had been out of service for ten years and was being used to store treasures of alien origin. Who and what used the pod for storage is unknown, but when they go to the security room to check the security systems, Lisa has a rude awakening when she sees something moving on an old monitor screen, the camera showing something in one of the lower floors which suffers damage. More disturbing is that as they look at the screen, the creature stares at the camera menacingly, as though it knows they're watching, showing signs of intelligence which sends a shiver down their spines.

In summary, the idea was a what if for some reason Skakdi or Makuta were on an abandoned ship/space station belonging to Humans. Suppose two people are the main characters of the story and they have to find their way around or off the ship while avoiding rather dangerous aliens. Kind of like Alien, but with Bionicle creatures as the monsters. Thrown into the concept was the idea of Toa also coming to the ship for something the Skakdi are after, and the Human characters are helped by them at some point.

"Smile, You're On Camera is a concept scene where the two characters make it to the old security room, and on the screen the old camera in one of the run down halls shows Hakann staring up at it, his gaze so sinister the viewer feels like they've been seen, realizing the creatures on the ship are intelligent life forms. (Trivia on the view, it was inspired off fan art of camera views from things like Five Night's At Freddy's. Again, weird inspiration from something I don't even play).

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Tie Time Lewa

A random concept and a split second idea during sketch sessions of comic ideas in my sketch book. Lewa has some time to learn how to master the tie, can you guess why? "Tie-time. Look at me, wee! Whoosh whoosh!" says Lewa, running around like a jungle man in his new....bandanna?

This started as a small sketch in the corner of a page (left). The lower sketch seemed just right, so I used it to make a bigger picture.

"Mastering the Tie" may be the name of a small comic strip as part of the growing events that hook onto the Big N Tall Shopping scenario, an amusing concept in itself which only leads to crazier ideas as I sit and think about it. 

I couldn't chuckle enough at all the dialogue that went through my head as I dreamed of Lewa with his new tie. Hopefully sometime I'll get the rest of the ideas made from storyboard, to actual comic pages.

One last thing, I played with two versions of the image, one with a slight vignette shown at the top, and this one with no frame at all, just open space. Can't decide which I prefer.

Bionicle book cover stencils

 On a role, glad to have finally tried recreating a couple designs from my sketch book for using as embossing guides on a few book covers sometime. Both versions of these are designs I thought of for a two sided Bionicle themed Ukrainian egg (which I still haven't had the chance to create). I liked the designs enough that I thought of putting them on book covers, so here's the first step. 

Left version I call Celestial Mata Nui, and right version Universe Virtues. Note the dots represent stars and planets, while the lines represent light beams.

Friday, September 18, 2015


 "Enagage", the main scene from Life of Lewa chapter 16 "Engage". As the title suggests, Lewa proposes. :P Here's a quick peek at part of the scene:
(Lewa takes in a deep breath, smiling at her as she looks around, and closes his eyes, slowly reaching into his bag and coming over to Venimbus, then pulls out the box and awkwardly kneels. “Venimbus.....” He clears his throat and opens the box, “I know it's kind of sudden...but, will you.....wed-marry me?”
Venimbus's smile suddenly fades and her eyes hold a mixture of emotions, both joy, sadness, fear, and guilt. She reaches out slowly to touch the ring, covering her mouth.
Lewa gets a bit panicked, “Venimbus, are you okay?” he asks with concern.
Venimbus blinks and uncovers her mouth, “I....Lewa, the ring is beautiful...It's just that....” She pauses, trying to think of where to start.
“Just what?” Lewa questions desperately.
“Lewa....I haven't been fully honest with you. Before you consider putting that ring on my finger, you need to know secrets that I've been keeping.”)
 The photos were fun to make in my box of dirt, added flowers digitally since the scenes take place in a flower filled clearing.

Trivia: The ring box is made from a few Lego blocks, and the ring is a real stone with wire base, stuck into a bit of sticky tack within the brick hole.
During photo shoot I was amused to have my brother tell me most girls have dolls they pose for scenes such as these. I play with Bionicle figurines the way I do dolls, it's true. :P
 "Head Peck". While I had my clearing set up, I continued the scene into aftermath affection, Venimbus glad Lewa would have her still, hugging him in joy even after all the secrets she told him. Something about the above angle of Lewa kissing the top of her head that just seems emotionally touching for me.
"Snug Hug". I did take a second angle from the side, but unlike it's angled relative, this one holds less impact in my view, just shows they're actually hugging.

Unfortunately, when characters are green as their environment, they naturally blend in, so you have to look closely to see what's happening.

The Legends of Ika Nui banner

Samuel Porter asked me today if I could make a redo banner for a new YT channel of his. The original art piece I did for him was using his MOCs Zerox and Samax. This time he wanted to rid of Zerox, keep Samax, and add a new guy I know not the name of, but find pretty interesting.
This interest alone for the purple and black figure with golden claws is the only reason I was willing to create a remake with a new name (The Legends of Ika Nui).
 The biggest plus was that I saved the PSE file for the original banner, so tweaking the color coding was simple, and I only had to adjust the new guy to fit in.
I also know that for those without some kind of Photoshop program, making cool banners isn't as easy or flashy, so I figure I mind as well have fun and do what I can with the program I have, despite it not being as complex as CS6.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Big N Tall Shopping

So happy to have made this! It's been on the idea list for years, came from a simple day dream that connects with the many mini adventures of Pearllight giving Toa a tour of Earth and having a little fun along the way.

This is what I imagine myself doing with a few of the Toa Nuva at a Big and Tall clothing store. What better place to take them shopping, right? 
I settled with this basic version of no text to leave you guessing, and then went ahead to make the one with text.

I can see myself doing this, getting the Toa to try on graphic Ts that match up with their elements, Pohatu's words implying Pearl didn't tell them what the shirts say, her deviousness evident as she happily holds up a green shirt for Lewa, with words of choice to match him. Maybe he'll get some girls that way. ;P Probably what he'll say later. Tahu is the one who's confused most, puzzled by the wearing of clothes and stretching the nit in his fingers.

Just wait, aftermath events could be Lewa attempting to squeeze himself into a dress shirt. Shield your eyes and discourage any form of posing from the spirit of air.

For the curious, the wall words were added for interest, they say "We Sell Graphic Tees".

I can only say I wish to speed up in drawing, something like this doesn't feel like it should take 7 hours of work.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

First Forest Kiss

This scene is from Life of Lewa chapter 15, "First Forest Kiss". Love is blatantly canon in this dimension.

It's not often I do scenes of affection like this, but this moment is very important in the story, and I find it to be rather cute. It's Lewa's first kiss, so it's true, Lewa finally gets the lady.

I'm pleased with the semi realistic feel to this scene, makes a fun faux scifi romance novel cover. :P

Monday, September 7, 2015

Pearllight Origins Book Cover- Version 3

 I've been thinking back on Pearllight Origins and the book cover itself. Some of you may have remembered the previous two versions of this on the post Pearllight Origins Book Cover. There I explained general details about the fan fiction and mentioned I was considering a more official cover at some point.

The basic cover above may be it, despite it not being hand painted or drawn in style.  It's a bit simpler, excludes some things, extends others, and is more on the gray side. I started off with experimenting to make it look like a pencil drawing, and settled with different options as I went.

The previous main cover shown left remains an interesting concept I suppose, but in some ways seems to be missing a certain feel.

In the newer cover I made it more gloomy, which relates to how I've been feeling recently, kind of cool how that happens. I had to exclude the Makuta hands and eyes since the placement of characters didn't leave room for that, and I didn't want to take away from the simplicity of the cover as a whole. I figure the grayness of the image implies a semi menacing feel to it despite the exclusion of Teridax symbolism.

I'll also note that I adjusted height of the characters, making Gali more accurate in size compared to Pearl.

So far I think the third version tops its relatives.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Vine Dancing

"Vine Dance" Scenes from Life of Lewa chapter 15 "First Forest Kiss". These scenes could also apply to chapter 14 "Confronting Toxins", but I find it holds better to ch 15, right before a big moment.

On a sunny day Venimbus and Lewa dance together through the trees, Venimbus of the jungle, Lewa of the air, two harmonious elements together, dancing through the sky by the vine of the forest.

The sunbeams and movement of this picture pleases me, displaying exactly what I imagine as I write the scenes in Life of Lewa.
 I went ahead and made a second version of Vine dance since I had a slightly different angle of the photo, a more teasing version where they seem more drawn to each other. This version is made to serve as a small poster or joke romance novel cover that could end up in a future photo somewhere in the background. I made two versions of course, one with and without text.

For what it's worth, to add some extra flair to the cover, I made my own vine brush and added it over the letters. Sadly you can't tell unless you get close.

A bit of trivia. Vine dancing in Life of Lewa came from the inspiring, enchanting, and beautiful art form of Aerial ballet performed in several Cirque Du Soleil shows. Below is one video that has inspired me most as of today.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Night of Ice Opera

 "Night of Ice Opera". A scene of Frona on stage doing her final song in Life of Lewa ch 13 "Night of Ice Opera". Lewa takes Venimbus on a date to the Ice Opera House to watch the Opera "She Came From the Sky", sung by the talented Frona Glasgel.

The scene and name of this mythical opera are a few random ideas. "She Came From the Sky" sounded interesting, and was placed in the story for certain reasons of symbolism and foreshadowing. I thought about making the scene of just Frona singing, but decided to add Gelu in the background since he's an actor at the opera house, and as it goes, most operas have depressing aspects to them, ones pertaining to death usually. I figured the extra details gave "She Came From the Sky" a bit more meaning and interest, bringing up questions of why Frona is holding a blade, is the man of the story dead or in a coma, what's going on in this scene?
 "Frona's Song" A close up scene of just Frona singing.

Here's some fun trivia, the scene is composed of different fabrics, a robe, a few rods, foam board, cardboard, and Christmas ornaments.
"Cold Sleep". So you can have a better view of the resting Gelu in the background.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sharing Recipes

 "Sharing Recipes" a section in Life of Lewa chapter 12, "Flight of the Seasons". This scene takes place in Lewa's tree house where he and Venimbus share recipes each week during November. In this moment Lewa shows how to make stuffed fruit, Venimbus taking notes.
I did one other scene with a clean floor (love that scrapbook paper). But I settled on keeping Lewa's bedding in the picture since he comes across as the kind of guy to have a cluttered home just as my story implies.

The window view was great, this is when digital editing is a best friend. Slipped that in there and it makes me want to wake up in Lewa's tree house every morning just for the view.