Friday, December 25, 2015

Watcha Reading Ero

 "Watcha reading, lad?" This series of images came after "He hardly knows I'm here."  I felt it would be fun to show something less sad while the set was still up.

Sometimes on calm afternoons, Erozion will read comic books and race model cars across his floor. Now and then Lewa will come in to check on him, curious to know what his son is reading so intently.
 Days like these would take place sometime before "He hardly knows I'm here".

As always, I experimented with angles, the one above a side view, it's main version the more angled one which brings focus to both figures.
 You might not notice at first, but Ero is reading Travels of Frona comics. :P
  I tried to make the image even more focused with longer shots. The right version stands on its own as an image portraying just Erozion on a relaxed afternoon in his room.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

He Hardly Knows I'm Here

 "He hardly knows I'm here" the saddened Venimbus states as she cradles her son Erozion in her arms. Lewa does his best to comfort her, depressed to see his wife in turmoil and his son so battered that he always appears to be taking his last breath.
The pain cuts deep in Lewa's chest, Erozion's injuries Lewa's fault. 

The above and following images relate to the Life of Lewa series near the ending days before the story stopped being acted (these images specifically relating to scenarios never played). I had invented a very depressing scenario where Lewa loses his temper severely due to a Jusha poison spike in his bloodstream, thus harming his son for something Ero didn't do. Since the Life of Lewa series may not be written for a very long time if not ever, I'm preserving memories and ideas through imagery instead.

The above image is the full view of the scene, showing the general concept of Ero's room as a prop instead of drawing. Scrapbook paper, Barbie supplies, miniatures, homemade and found objects used to create the scene.
I took multiple angles to show what's going on.

The up close scene is a nice way to show how sad they are.
A ceiling view of the scene, first time I've tried a picture like this. I wanted to make things feel uneasy and give a view of what Lewa and Venimbus see while they look down at their son.

Making the bruises and cuts in PSE was interesting, and I did my best to keep it accurate to the story. Ero's right hand was cut, his belly has a gash from the whip, his back is lashed, his ankles were lashed and cut along the tendons, his left arm was deeply scratched, the left side of his face was scratched, the right side of his face is bruised from a recent fight with his brother Paluthero, and his lip was split from the flick of the whip. All that on the surface, not including internal injuries.
Another slightly overhead angle. "It's all right, Venimbus".
 For a more artistic way of expressing sadness and gloom, I tinted one of the more angled images with a gray tone, noticing my hands always like to tilt slightly during photo shoots, thus resulting in Tim Burton-ex like images.
 "I'm so sorry, lad." Venimbus was pulled away from the depressing scene when she heard one of the babies crying, and left Erozion in his father's arms while she went to tend her other children.

Lewa cradles him remorsefully, and tries not to gaze at his injuries.
Not a word escapes Ero's lips, he hardly even stirs from sleep.


Sunday, December 13, 2015

Shredwing In Chains

 Experimenting with a few new props. "In Chains" is a display of Shredwing in prison, his shackles a new prop I made to work for both GI Joe and Bionicle, or other figurines close in size.

Where is this lonesome cell? Who bound the bounty hunter in chains? Did Toa succeed in his capture, or are these the days of his beginnings? Perhaps he's not as monsterly as he seems, standing in a dark room may not shake him, and though a hatred may exist in his eyes, there is also a sorrow in his chest that keeps his eyes open and the nights long. This sorrow is beyond any kind of physical torture, this sorrow goes strait to the heart.
"I won't let them hurt you." a voice whispered softly in the dim of night within the prison walls. Was it a vision, or was it real? This question was surely torture for the weary warrior known as Shredwing. The touch seemed real, the vision a comfort; yet all at once heart wrenching, a bittersweet emotion to the sense of being loved and sought for by the one woman who captured the heart of this bounty hunter.

Cool light and warm light versions are shown. I decided cool light best fit the theatrical concept I was going for (left).
"To die for" (left) Physical ailments, Shredwing concluded, were of no comparison to the pain in his heart, the truest form of torture that of longing to love and be loved.

"If Only In a Dream" "I love you" (right). Was it just a dream? Or was Seawing really there to see Shredwing? Currently these images are concept for the Seawing story, possibly to become official scenes in the comic one day.

At this time I'm unsure, but the making of this post has sprung a few ideas which may very well be a great addition to the comic when I get around to it. I don't plan on leaving bunches of spoilers on this post, so I'll leave you guessing for now on what this is all about.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Silvermask Not Jaller comic

A very basic comic to make a point of something. By simple I mean no editing of background or eyes. 

"Silvermask Not Jaller" is a comic that expresses Silvermask's feelings (more specifically mine) about looking so much like Jaller Ignika because his body is the same, details about this dilemma explained on the Silvermask Darkness post. Back when I shared the posters of him, I found a majority of comments from others irritating and typical, feeling peeved by the fact no one bothers looking at the posts which state clearly things they felt a need to repeat.

Irritating as that was, it did inspire this comic which became a laughable thing to me, especially the final panel.
Yes, Silvermask decided to take his friends advice and wear some silver accent armor, his mooning of Takanuva a way to express my feelings towards the past comments made on his darkness posters. 

I do plan on keeping the silver accents on him to help him be identified more as his own character. This will be for when one day I hopefully make the Seawing comic.

This comic also explains that in the Seawing world, her friend Uma is in fact the Hewkii Ignika set, but in this dimension he's the twin brother of Hewkii.

The concept of Takanuva mistaking Silvermask as Jaller and wondering what dimension he's in when Uma (Oo Ma) says he's Hewkii's twin, can also connect to the random ideas of Takanuva's Travels.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Gresh Pin-up

 Just a little joke that connects onto a recent mini series of images for Valentines Day (yes I started early). Gresh pin-up, AKA, sexy Gresh, is a simple last minute idea of nuttiness. :P

For those who wonder, I came to do this image after being influenced by the Gali and Gresh series, a Saronicle production. But there are a few other things this connects to, such as the Life of Lewa series, only instead of Gresh it would be a guy named Kaziki, on the rug. Trivia is that I've always found Gresh's character to be charming, and his set build on the attractive side (minus the skinny legs).
He kind of shifts to get comfy for the second angle. XP Background is scrapbook paper, flooring is an old T shirt covered with a rabbit fur pelt to serve as the fur rug.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Into The Sunset

"Head Low Ero"

Newest collection of images to express something deep and almost unexplainable.

Don't be fooled, this doesn't represent Axalar Lewa, but instead my character Erozion, walking down a concrete road at sunset, his head low and his stride less upbeat as he carries his backpack towards home.
Why is he sad? In story line sense there could be many reasons, but these images also represent something deeper.
They represent the resentment of leaving old stories behind. This refers to the Life of Lewa series. This doesn't mean the Life of Lewa series is being completely forgotten, it's just being pushed to the very bottom of the writing list.

Enchanting as the story is to me and a select few, I find I struggle with certain aspects of it, the main one being how old it is, and the fact that it connects with memories in real life that have slowly faded away and have left my emotions dead towards certain aspects in my life as of today.

Without someone to share with daily, a story like this becomes lonesome and loses enchantment, especially because I work best when inspired by those who like what I'm sharing. The feeling of inspiration and the spark of enchanting imagination is lost when familiar faces that encouraged me are no longer reliable or available for whatever reason, life always changing for better or worse.

There's also the drag of people mislabeling a character just because they can't seem to notice subtle differences in the build of something, and therefore kill the mood by saying isn't that what's his name? Instead of looking more closely at the description.
These two images are some of my favorites, the second one really holding the mood I was aiming for.

Like any mood, things can change, be it "Into the Sunset" (left) or "Hello Head High" (right).

On a final note, this song fits the inner mood and scene of the character, helping me better express my emotions through the art.