Monday, October 8, 2012

Female jungle bot design

Finally, this image has taken me several days longer than I expected. I had this urge to make a female character several days ago after browsing through Bionicle related art on DA. I just started drawing, didn't know where it would lead, didn't even know what color I was going to make her till I was done sketching.

At first I thought she would be blue, but as I drew, I knew she would make a perfect female jungle type, characters that exists specifically in the old role play series of mine, "Life of Lewa"....still pending to be written.

After adding in the double scythe staff for interest, that's when I decided she would officially be a jungle type. In the story, certain female jungle types are professional scythe wielders, and at one time in their history, served as very aggressive warriors, a trait that eventually wore off among the majority. 

The added background to the image isn't mine, again an image from the internet that I tweaked for my use. I feel it aids the figure marvelously.

 (Above) Main image without background. Unfortunately the crispness of the image was depleted since it had to be shrunk for the low resolution background. This just shows you how appealing the background makes her though.

(Below) black and white base images before color and background. Please ask if you wish to use the digital inked version as a coloring sheet.
 I prefer inking all my images digitally, leaves room for mistakes that are easily forgiven, unlike when using an actual pen. Above is the digitally inked version, and below is the pencil image.
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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cloud Flight

 Full lit illustration of Lewa Phantoka in flight. The above image I named "Cloud Flight", and I feel it best fits the base images lighting. Both illustrations contain the same Lewa picture, the backgrounds are the only difference. The image below is what I was going to settle with at first, but then I decided Lewa needed some vapor trails, so I added those in (above). The vapor trails seem to give the image more life.

The ones above seem to give a better sense of flight, and freedom to move around, not to mention aren't quite as abstract as the one below. I didn't make the background, just used a free desktop image which you can download here . I feel the cloud image matches the Phantoka theme better.

In the image below, I was going for a whimsical jungle feel, but I question if it's too whimsical for Lewa, being that he's a smooth, aerodynamic  robot, carrying weaponry... I still like the picture personally, just can't decide if it's entirely matching. I used several cheats for the background, and I don't own any of the images used to pull it off. I compiled several digital images together, all of them found through Google images... but since I'm not selling any of this art, I guess it's all right for me to use.

The thing I was going for was overhead lighting, and to me the picture below is great as a happy flight near the forest floor. Basically the feel of exotic plant life and pollen, mixed in with sunbeams shining through the towering trees above.

Lewa Phantoka in flight, colored version

 I've finally done it, I colored the Lewa Phantoka drawing from so long ago, just like I said I would. For original pencil sketch, see here

I went through several stages to color it; first I went over the original sketch and made a digital outline, then I put in base colors, followed by shading, and then lighting.

I felt a bit unsatisfied with the lighting results, mostly because I felt there was too much lighting... but I worked around that factor rather than trying to redo it. I kept both the shaded version, and overly lit version, feeling that both are good, they just belong in separate scenes. The shaded version is easier to look at, but the lit one, when put onto a proper background, looks pretty cool.
The way I worked around my dissatisfaction, was by thinking, if the character is brightly lit, put him on a background that fits his lighting; and I did just that. I made two pictures with added backgrounds that compliment the lighting, rather than work against it. Since I want to keep this post purely for the base image, I'm going to post the illustrated versions in a second post.
 (Above) shaded version.
(Below) digital outline.. please ask if you'd like to use it as a coloring page.