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Life of Lewa-Ch 3- Part 2 "Flushed Out"

Flushed Out

When all goes quiet, Ashton starts to feel bored, and opens his eyes from rest. He looks over at the sleeping Lewa; “Who is that guy anyway?” he questions, not being able to tell through the Fiamma opens her eyes and glances out at Lewa, “Hehe, ah I recognize him. That's the air type who was at the arena; I saw him through one of the corridors before we met in the ring and burnt each other. Pretty sure he got beat up by that jungle type we passed by.”
Ashton tenses up, “Ohhh... The female?” he cringes.
“Yep, the scythe wielder.” Fiamma nods.
Ashton looks at the conked Lewa with pity, “Oww.. I feel kind of sorry for the guy. Just comes to show you... Junti babes are only pretty to look at, not so great to fight with.”
Fiamma blinks coldly, “You might want to be careful about what you say pertaining to Junti 'babes'... The medics happen to be Junti, and they might not take lightly to your words.”
Ashton goes quiet and gulps, “Yeah..that one guy; not someone you want to mess with.”
“Yeah...” Fiamma sighs, “I don't know about you, but I'm going to rest in this corner; so, you stay over there. And if I so as sense you coming over'll be in more pain than you are now.”
Ashton smirks, “Humph, honestly think I'd give you a massage when you're burnt?”
Fiamma glares at him with a face so cold, Ashton freezes up in fear, not saying another word. “Don't even imply anything.” Fiamma grumbles, “If you come over here, I'll hit you on your deepest burns.” Fiamma then folds her arms and curls up in the corner, bubbles escaping her mouth as she pouts.
Ashton snickers at the bubbles Fiamma breaths, finding it odd and amusing to see a red armored female rest like a water type. Suddenly all seriousness of Fiamma's words are nullified by her bubble snorting, which Ashton so rudely starts to laugh at.
In his laughter Ashton tenses up, his muscle squeezing tightly. Suddenly he feels internal discomfort, and his eyes widen as a large bubble of nauseous gas escapes from within him, *BLOOOOAP *. Ashton gags and coughs at the smell as he tries to take a breath, “Blah! UUAWW!” he chokes.
Fiamma suddenly smells the concentrated odor, and opens her eyes with a shocked face, then looks over, flaring her nostrils, and rolls her eyes at the gagging Ashton. “Ahhh, you're such a dude!” she scoffs.
Ashton looks over while holding his mouth, and says in a choking manner, “Eaaw.. I'm dieing over here...”
Fiamma shakes her head in disgust, “Gross....!” She then remembers the little red button on the wall Orpheus told her to press in case if emergency, and clicks it frantically, causing a buzzer to go off on a wrist band the medics wear.

Orpheus comes in and lifts a brow, “What, what is it?”, he sighs. “What's going on? You don't look like you have anything wrong.”
Fiamma scowls at Ashton, who grins awkwardly at Orpheus.
Orpheus smirks and catches on; "You..passed one didn't you?"
Ashton blushes and tries as best he can not to laugh.
Orpheus nods, "Judging by the bubbles..", he bites his lip and snickers, then breaks into a laugh.
Fiamma screams at him, "It's not funny..! HIS stench is spreading throughout the whole tank! Get rid of it!"

Kakadeus comes in at the sound of commotion and nears Orpheus. “What's going on?” he whispers.
“She pushed the panic button..” Orpheus responds with chocked laughter.
Kakadeus nods and waits for more details, "Yeah...why? I thought that was for emergencies."
"Well apparently for them it is." chuckles Orpheus.
Kakadeus lifts a brow, “Why?” he inquires.
Orpheus pauses a moment and grins, then says, “Because...Ashton farted”.
Kakadeus's lips tighten, “Uh huh..” he smiles. He folds his arms and chuckles, “Is there anything else besides air?”, he asks while looking at Ashton through the glass. “Nothing else but air, right?”
Ashton blushes and shakes his head, “No..of course not...I don't think; I hope not.”
Kakadeus looks at him blankly, “ I hate floaters. If you so as think about releasing anything else but air..I'll kill ya.”

Orpheus shakes his head and gets up close to the tank, “Now listen sonny, you better behave yourself, and stop stinking up the tank..because you're going to have to be breathing it too.”
Orpheus then goes over to the back side of the tank and pulls a cap off of a strange looking filter. “If you have to, this hole with a filter over it connects inside the tank, so you just go to this whole and blow in there if you feel something coming on. But NOT in the tank, ok? we're trying to rest ourselves, and we don't want a panic button going off by HER *points at Fiamma* because of your stench”.
Ashton chokes up with laughter at every word Orpheus said; while Fiamma sits in the corner pouting, still covering her face with disgust.

Orpheus rolls his eyes at the two, then the medics get back to work for the night.
All goes silent in the medical center once the two fire types fall asleep.
Early next morning, around nine o-clock, Orpheus and Kakadeus carefully take the two drowsy fire types out of the tank.
Ashton  and Fiamma flop on their beds and cough up a flood of healing liquid as they lie there drenched and exhausted, like dead fish. “Wooow..” Ashton sputters tiredly as he looks around with dizzy vision.
After a ten minute rest, the two attempt to stand on the wet floor, and slip around clumsily .
Orpheus shakes his head and catches Fiamma before she falls. “All right all right, easy..easy! We're going to take you into a nice, dry, warm room; and give you some hot towels.. so you can relax...ok?” he says with assurance.
Fiamma nods and sits back down for a moment, then looks over at Lewa and asks with concern, “What happened to that guy anyway? I remember seeing him in the arena yesterday..but I didn't get to stick around and watch him fight.”
Orpheus smirks, knowing the whole story behind the incident. It so happens the other day he was told all details by Venimbus, who trusts him, being that he's from the same region and camp as she is. “Lets just say he... got into a fight with a scythe wielding, female Junti... underestimated her speed, and paid the price..” he says.
Fiamma grins, “I knew it! I knew  he must have lost to her..”
Orpheus chuckles, “Poison tipped blades, you know how it is..It can paralyze if not treated; so, now he's having to go through a little process; that process essentially being a *cough* specialty overnight enema.”
“ that's what you call it... That's nasty.” says the enlightened Fiamma. “He looks really conked..”.
“That would be my fault.” Orpheus snickers; “I gave him a Junti sedative”.
“Yeah..but aren't Junti suppose to be able to tolerate toxic stuff?” Fiamma laughs.
Orpheus nods, “Yes..but, he's not a Junti; he's an air type..Note the charming personality.
“Is he going to be ok?!” Fiamma gapes.
“He should be.... in awhile.” Orpheus assures her.

Ashton glances over from the side lines and overhears Orpheus and Fiamma, then shakes his head and mumbles in thought, loud enough to be heard; “Ah, sheesh..what happens when you combine fire and air together I wonder?....Hot air, yeah. You two would make a great couple.” he says with a snarky attitude towards Fiamma.
Fiamma gapes, “I was NOT looking at him that way!... I just wanted to know exactly why he has a tube in his butt.”
Ashton bites his lip and snickers, then thinks to himself, “I'm starting to like this chick, and her come backs”.
In her irritation at Ashton's joking, Fiamma folds her arms and says, “Ah no, I think you'd be a better partner for this air type.”
“Wow! HEY!” Ashton gapes, “Now that was cold...”
Fiamma smirks and defiantly turns her face from Ashton.
Ashton turns exceptionally red, and scuffs off in embarrassment. Kakadeus shakes his head and follows not far behind him, then leads Ashton to another room for further rest.

Fiamma snickers and says to Orpheus, “So, this female Junti which beat the air type..was she pretty?”
“Yes, if you must ask, she is pretty.” Orpheus laughs.
Fiamma nods, “May I explain something?” she says.
Orpheus give her a questioning look and nods, ok.
“Well, when I was in the tank last night, I could faintly hear through the glass and water. It was really hard, and I may have missed some details; but this air type was mumbling in his sleep, implying what you gave him is one really strong sedative. And from the sounds of it,he happened to be whispering about this female Junti; mumbling in his sleep and telling her how attractive she is. Also... I think before he twitched and snorted, he was about to give his dream woman a kiss” snickers Fiamma.
Orpheus turns red, then bursts into laughter, shaking his head with disbelief. “Hahaha! Oh, that poor air type. He's got it coming for him; just asking for trouble. That's a bad sign....sure hope it's just a dream.”
Fiamma shrugs, “Why?” she asks.
“Well, an air type going after a Junti usually results in bad things...”
“Has it ever happened before?” Fiamma snickers.
Orpheus thinks about it for a moment; “In history...not so far; except for maybe amongst Agori and Matoran, but not so much amongst Toa and Glatorian. That's just something I haven't heard of yet. Probably has happened in the deep wood somewhere, but I don't know. And HIM *points at Lewa* going after the female he fought yesterday...that's a BIG no no.”
Orpheus then leads Fiamma to another room for extended recovery, keeping details about Venimbus hidden from her, for he knows who this female Junti is. Fiamma suspects he's hiding things from the picture, but respects the medics protection of his people, and questions no further.

Around noon, just as Orpheus suspected, Lewa snorts and stirs awake with a moan.
Pohatu had come back to the medical area that morning to check in on Lewa; Lewa twitches and questionably moans when he sees a bulky figure standing in front of him, then flops his head back down.
Pohatu looks under the table and grins. “Afternoon brother!” he happily remarks.
Lewa lifts a brow, “Afternoon...?” he tiredly questions.
Pohatu nods, “Yeah, you've been out a long long time.”
“Why....?” Lewa moans.
Pohatu thinks for a moment, “...Something about Orpheus accidentally giving you a Junti sedative.”
Lewa blinks drowsily, “What......?” he says with confusion.
Pohatu shrugs, “It was a very powerful sedative I guess...strong enough to knock you out since yesterday into today.”
“And I'm not dead?” Lewa says with surprise.
“No, thank Mata Nui.” says Pohatu.
“Well..good.” Lewa says lightly.
“Might want to pee though..” Pohatu adds. “Here, have some water.”
Lewa drinks and waits a little bit, then lets out a long stream of toxic urine.
Pohatu grins at first, “AH good, good.....AUGH.. good Mata Nui!” he gapes.
Lewa lifts a brow in wonder, “What...what?” he questions in a panic.
Pohatu takes a breath, “Your pee is green!” he says with shock.
Lewa frowns, “What?” he asks confused.
Pohatu points at the tube, “Take a look.”
Lewa glances around to where Pohatu points; “Eeeewww.” he grimises.

Orpheus comes out from a lab room and flinches when he sees Lewa awake. “Ooops..” he quietly squeaks; indicating he made a mistake.
Lewa rolls his eyes, “Orpheus....why?” he tiredly whines.
Orpheus puts his hands up, “It was an accident, I'm sorry. You slept well at least; didn't have to feel discomfort the whole night.”
Lewa mopes his head, “No..I didn't; but now.... I can't feel anything yet.” he mumbles.
Orpheus makes a face of pity, “Aww, I know how to fix that; here, have some coffee.”
Lewa takes a drink from the mug Orpheus holds to his lips; his eyes widen, “WOW...that's some strong coffee.”
Orpheus smiles, “Pretty soon it's going to help you flush out more of that medicine from your system.”
Lewa gulps and continues with his business.

Pohatu and Orpheus stand back and wait while Lewa's system flushes out. “Wow...whoever knew so much water existed in the Toa of air.” remarks Pohatu. He and Orpheus start laughing; Lewa rolls his eyes, “Ahaha...very funny.” he sarcastically returns.

Once Lewa's system is pretty much empty of water, Orpheus checks over him one more time. He stands back and sees Lewa is doing rather well, then hollers out, “ Oh Kakadeus...the Air type is awake!”
Kakadeus groggily comes out of his office; “I hate it when I'm called...I'm TRYING to EAT..” he tiredly sighs as he scuffs over to the table.
Orpheus shakes his head, “Well duty calls, buddy. I'm sorry to tell you, but lunch time will have to wait; we need to get this tube out of him.”
Kakadeus blinks and points at the tank; “We can't take the tube out yet..”
“Oh come on.. can't we be nice to the guy? There's only an inch of liquid left.” says Orpheus.
Kakadeus smirks, “We can fix that.” he says with mischief.

Lewa's eyes widen, and he starts to quiver when he sees Kakadeus go over to the pump switch. “Yes..we can fix that.” he mumbles once more; then flips the switch on full, causing the remaining liquid to enter all at once.
Lewa screams with discomfort at the feeling of a flooded system. Kakadeus shakes his head, “Come on air's not that bad.”
“Have you ever had liquid flood your system before?!” Lewa gasps.
Kakadeus smirks, “This is the nicer part of he procedure, Toa. The worst part is when we suck the liquid out.”
Lewa moans at the thought of such pain.
When all the liquid is in, Kakadeus turns off the pump and looks at the clock. “All right, we'll let that sit for about 15 minutes; till then...I'm going back to lunch.”, he says tiredly.

Pohatu looks at Orpheus and shivers, “Eahhh, he can actually do that kind of stuff...and go back to lunch?!”
“You get use to the medical field.” Orpheus snickers.
“Eww, I feel so weird.” Lewa shivers.
“Does it hurt to move?” asks Pohatu.
Lewa wriggles slightly; “Yes....” he creaks.
“Well, at least you can move; that's a good sign.” adds Pohatu.
Lewa twitches his muscles and manages to flop his arm under his head. “Yeah..can, a little bit.”

15 minutes later Orpheus realizes Kakadeus didn't return from lunch. He glances at the clock and sighs, then looks at Pohatu, “I'll be back.” he says, then walks off towards the kitchen.
Lewa starts feeling tense during the wait, and looks at Pohatu with pitiful eyes. “Help me..please.” he moans.
Pohatu sadly shakes his head, “I can't... I'm sorry. Need a hug?”
Lewa groans and flops his head, “I can't get up..and I don't want to hard-deal with this..” he whines.
Pohatu pities Lewa; and comes to sit under the table, then wraps his arms around the sides and gently pats Lewa in the back, giving him a friendly hug.
Lewa chuckles and rolls his eyes, “Only you Pohatu...”
“Anything for a brother.”, Pohatu snickers.
Lewa smirks and nods in agreement.

Pohatu slips out form under the table and sits near to Lewa when Kakadeus and Orpheus return. “Go ahead, it's your turn.” whispers Kakadeus to Orpheus.
Orpheus takes this moment as a time of training in using mechanical equipment more often; Kakadeus standing by to direct, but letting Orpheus have a try, so he can take a break.
Orpheus is very gentle, and says to Lewa, “I'm going to start small, ok?”
Lewa clenches up and closes his eyes; Orpheus then clicks a switch, and the machine starts to slowly suck florescent liquid out of Lewa, a clear sign the poison is being removed.
Pohatu grimaces at the blackish pink liquid entering the tank and says, “ should be happy they're doing this.”
Lewa glances at the tank and for a moment and can't believe what's coming out of him. “Yeah...I am.” he says thankfully.
Pohatu nods, “Just think, that could be your blood stream”.
Lewa shivers at the knowledge, realizing he would be dead if it weren't for the medics.
“Don't worry” says Orpheus, “ this liquid is flushing all that poison out; and, that stuff I fed you may do a little something else...”
“ Like what!?”, Lewa snaps.
“It was a medicine that caused the poison to bubble up and be neutralized, then go through your digestive system ,and head strait for the nearest exit... in this case, your intestinal tract.'ll probably be spending some extra time in the men's room later.”
“Oh, what I'd do for a sweet-heal touch from Pearllight...then all my troubles would be over in mere moments.”
“Yeah, the kid does soften and sugar coat a bad day on the occasion.” says Pohatu.
Orpheus lifts a brow, “Who?” he asks.
Lewa rolls his eyes and doesn't feel like explaining Pohatu's hinting. “Weird kid...just a weird kid we know.” he replies simply.
Pohatu folds his arms, “I don't think she's a kid anymore...Lewa.”
“Oh..she's what..17? She's a kid.” Lewa confirms.
Pohatu shrugs, “Whatever you say... but in Human years, well, they don't live as long.” he says, his eyes saddening from the thought.
“Yeah..I know.” Lewa sighs. Suddenly the suction becomes strange, causing Lewa to tense up and gasp.

Orpheus shakes his head, “Allow me to take those depressing thoughts away” says Orpheus, “this is definitely going to distract you from them.” He clicks the lever up a notch higher, causing the suction to strengthen.
Lewa clenches his teeth and clings to the bed with discomfort, “Mmm, Artahka...!” he squeaks.
Pohatu snickers at Lewa's gesture, seeing he's essentially squeaking out for their maker.
Lewa looks at Pohatu with aggravation, “Oh come on, we haven't seen him in years.”
Pohatu continues to snicker, and Lewa glares at him, “What..were you expecting me to call out for Tahu?”
“” Pohatu laughs.

Orpheus wait a few moment more, then clicks the lever up to highest setting, causing more liquid to go in, then be drawn out. Lewa starts to groan and creak in such a comedic fashion that Orpheus must bite his lip to fight laughter. “I know it hurts, but it will be done in a little bit. Honestly, I didn't know Toa could make such odd Junti sounds.”
“They're not specifically Junti sounds.” Lewa moans.
Finally the machine is set to its limit and all the liquid is removed. Orpheus clicks off the machine, and removes the tubes from Lewa, causing him to sigh with relief.
“Now you can go visit the actual bathroom.” Orpheus says while pointing at the door nearby. Lewa stumbles and waddles on his feet when he stands, "Wow..can't walk, can't stand."
Orpheus wraps Lewa in a towel, and helps him waddle to the bathroom. "Here ya go." he says once they reach the door.
Lewa spends a long time doing his business, and feeling entirely weird, then comes out and says, "Do you know how badly it smells in there now?"
Orpheus squints. “Hmm, gee I can't imagine why... Must mean you're toxic.” he says sarcastically.

Lewa is quickly cleaned, then laid down on a comfortable bed for more rest. “Speaking of toxic..” Lewa starts, “Whatever happened to that female Junti?”
Orpheus pauses for a moment with suspicion, then smirks and says, “Get some rest.”
“I mean come on” Lewa continues to bug, “I didn't even know her name.  I'd like to know the person I fought..who ended up making me deal with this.”
Orpheus gives Lewa a blank stare.
Lewa pauses and twiddles his fingers. “ she ok? I mean probably...but, is she?”
Orpheus's eyes twinkle, and he does his best to hold back laughter, realizing what Lewa is up to.
Pohatu glances at Orpheus and bites his lip, trying not to laugh at what's becoming apparent.

“Yes, she's ok.” Orpheus snickers.
“Good.” Lewa grins, “What's her name?”
Orpheus rolls his eyes, “Why do you wish to know her name?” he calmly asks.
Lewa hides his real reasoning at first,“Because I'd like to know who it was that beat me up!” he playfully remarks.
Orpheus folds his arms, “Hah, that's none of your business.”
Lewa rolls his eyes, “I fought her in the arena. What? Is it against the rules to know who I fight?”

Kakadeus comes up to Orpheus and lifts a brow when he hears the situation, his face expressing one thing, the shock that an air type is falling for a person he shouldn't mess with with.
Lewa looks at the ceiling for a moment in his dreaming, and says out loud without a care in a dream-song sort of way, “Ah...and such a pretty sight..even though it hurts.”
Orpheus face palms and shakes his head again, then comes in close to give advise. “Lewa, Junti..specifically female Junti are not something you want to mess with.”
Lewa glances at him drowsily and says, “You're a Junti...”.
“Yes, I am.” Orpheus nods, “But I am not a female Junti..and I'm partially something else.”
“Partially what?” Lewa questions.
“I don't know.” Orpheus shrugs, “Never bothered testing my blood. Now...listen, just rest ok? You need to rest so you can think clearly.”
Lewa starts to droop his head tiredly, then asks one more question; “Where can I find her anyway?”
Orpheus bites his lip and chokes back a chuckle, “Lewa I sense liking?” he says.
Lewa shrugs like there's no crime in that, “What...a guy can dream?”
Orpheus blows out a breath, “Listen, this female almost KILLED you...and you're attracted?”
Lewa smirks and drowsily adds, “This isn't the first time I've run into her.”
Orpheus shakes his head, "Oh...and this time you almost got killed for it; and you still wonder if she's okay..." he says with a mocking attitude.
Lewa frowns, "Do you know how few tall, green people there are..that I know?" he says somewhat irritated.
“Hahaha..” Orpheus laughs, “You need to get out more.”
Lewa shakes his head, "No... I'm not around Junti much, and there aren't that many air types...sadly."
Orpheus shakes his head in disbelief at Lewa's persistence, “ Listen Lewa, I'm not telling you where to find her. She is not to be touched, do you understand?” he sighs.
Lewa puts his hands up submissively, “Ok...ok.” he says; but inside, his heart doesn't give up on pursuit.

Orpheus gives Lewa a medicine to boost his system back to normal; Lewa gulps it down and gags with disgust at its taste;  then quickly grabs for the water Orpheus offers and chugs it down.
“Orpheus smirks, “Wait for it....”
Lewa feels and odd tingle go through his entire body, then suddenly feels great.
“Feeling better?” Orpheus asks.
Lewa nods, “Yes, much.” he says with relief.
“Twitch your feet for me.” Orpheus smiles. Lewa does as asked. “Now your hands and knees.” Lewa continues to obey. “Now do a little dance.” Orpheus snickers.
Lewa grins and shimmies his body all the way down from head to toe.
“You're good.” Orpheus grins; “Not paralyzed, poison is out of your system”.
Lewa brings in a fist of triumph, “Yessss.”
Orpheus then adds in, “You're probably still going to have to be pee a lot today though.”
Lewa droops his shoulders, and makes a blank face“Greeaat.” he says sarcastically.
“Go and have a nice relaxing afternoon, take a walk, eat some lunch.” Orpheus snickers.
Lewa nods in agreement to the advise. “I think I'll go to Flame's”.
“Mm, good place.” Orpheus agrees.

Orpheus then directs his attention to a small storage room nearby, “Pohatu... you me, chemistry lab! I have other students today, so I need those supplies.”
“All right, BEAKERS!” Pohatu shouts optimistically as he comes out of the storage room with a box full of needed supplies. “Lets see... I have the stir sticks..and those funny little pot things.” he says.
Orpheus laughs at Pohatus's playfulness and points to the laboratory door. “Take the box to that room; I'll be there in a moment.”
Pohtu grins and walks to the room; Orpheus following behind him. “Lewa... the exit is over there. You can go now..” says Orpheus. “ careful, you may experience some slight dizziness for awhile.”

Lewa steps outside the medical center and takes a deep breath of fresh air, then hovers above the ground and flies into the sky; slightly teeter tottering and wavering as he soars, still feeling a little dizzy from the poison effects as he heads for the city.
When he nears his destination, he lands quickly with a skid ,right outside Flame's coffee shop; causing a few people to scream and scurry out of the way as dust from the pavement cumulates from Lewa's clumsy landing. Lewa rubs the back of his head, “Sorry....!” he shouts out.
“Don't you know not to drink and fly you rahjack!” an irritated customer grumbles.
Lewa scowls, “I didn't!” he snaps back; then pushes through the door, miffed and pouting.

Lewa comes in and leans on the order counter. “Hey Flame...” he calls out casually.
Flame peeks his head around the kitchen door at the sound of Lewa's voice. “Lewa! How ya doin?” he smiles.
“Uhhh, you know I just spent the entire night in the arena sick room” Lewa grimaces, “because I was poisoned by...HER.”
Flame lifts a brow, “Who? Who's HER?”
“The woman I fought last during yesterday's mach..” Lewa sighs, “The..oh, what was her name?”
Flame grins, “Oh oh..uhh..yeah..that HER, YEAH!” he excitedly sputters.
“Yeah, what was her name?” Lewa smirks.
Flame thinks for a moment, “Venimbus.... I think.”
Lewa's eyes glimmer and he smiles like a doofus. “Ah....” he says dreamingly.
Flame lifts a brow and squints with suspicion, “Uh huh... You need some coffee?”
Lewa nods, “Yes...” he tiredly moans.
Flame smirks, “You look like crap.” he grins.
“I feel like it too...” Lewa snickers.
Flame leans in and quietly says, “Let me guess... you got a whole bunch of that poison sucked out of you?”
Lewa sweats a little, “Mm, plenty.” he says with exhaustion.
Flame shrugs, “Well, now you're no longer full of it at least.” he snickers.

A blue female Agori (Pearllight in disguise) tries not to snicker form the kitchen as she overhears her friend's conversation.  

Flame makes Lewa some coffee, then leans in with suspicion, “So..what are you doing here? What did you come here for, just coffee, lunch?” he asks quietly.
Lewa slowly and awkwardly says, “Coffee...and a couple questions.”
Flame tightens his lips and stands back for a moment. “Questions huh..?”
Lewa nods with mischief, and Flame folds his arms. “Yeah....what kind of questions?” he asks with suspicion.
Lewa turns a little rosy in his embarrassment, "Ummm...well, you see...uhhhhhhm...."
Flame taps his foot and lifts his brow higher with a suspicious face, waiting for Lewa to spill.
Lewa clears his throat, "Ummm, I fought,uhh..." he creaks.
Flame starts cracking up with laughter, already knowing what Lewa is up to.
Pearllight peeps around the kitchen door and signals for Flame to come near. “Flame nears her, still snickering at Lewa's sputtering. “Yeah kid?”.
“I couldn't help but overhear. I think I know what Lewa is trying to ask.” Pearllight titters. “He wants a date with you know who.” she then goes back to working, tittering at the thought.
“Uh huh...I know that kid, I got this.” Flame smirks.
“Have fun.” she adds sarcastically.

Flame comes up to Lewa and stands in front of him as Lewa sits at a table. At first Flame snickers, then suddenly his attitude takes a more serious turn. “So, you want a date with Venimbus... And Why should I help you? After all, you are the one who said oh no,you can't have a date with a Ga-Maoran, because they're from MY planet. Oh..and guess what, Junti are part of THIS planet, so I should be aloud to tell you no.”
Lewa frowns, “Flaaame...come on.” he whines desperately.
Flame sticks his chin up and looks at the ceiling. “Looks like you're desperate..but the answer is still no...” Flame then switches to a bribing tone, “unless you can get me a date with that sweet little Ga-Matoran whom I was so..swept away by.”
Lewa tightens his fists and tries to think. “Fine..” he creaks, “but I have no way for you to contact her.” he gives in desperately.
Flame continues to tap his foot. “And the part about you calling me a doofus..?”
Lewa slumps in his chair then adds humorously, "You act it sometimes..but I know you're smarter than that."
Flame gapes with a shocked half smile, "I act it?! Oh, looks who's talking Mr. Air type."
“I never said I wasn't” Lewa snickers.
Lewa continues to sip his coffee, giving Flame a face of impatience. Flame looks away, “Nope, I'm not going to give you details about Venimbus until you apologize.” he pouts.
Lewa sighs, "Flame I...." Flame continues to ignore him, arms folded in irritation. Lewa sighs, "Flame...Fine, I'm sorry".
Flame pauses and his eyes get big, "Wow... you're really on to this one aren't you? O_O And you thought you didn't have it in you.” he says with a mischievous smirk.
Lewa shrugs, “For many years I didn't”.
Flame finally gives in. “All right..don't worry about it buddy, it's called hormones.”

Pearllight hears this from the kitchen and clenches her stomach from trying to contain laughter. "Coffees up..and tea." she squeaks.
Lewa holds his face in embarrassment, realizing Pearllight works there and has heard the entire story.
Flame shakes his head, "Go and finish steeping the other coffees, Pearl..".
Pearllight nods and sing songfully returns, "Yes Flame."

Flame waits for Pearllight to be out of sight, then comes in close to Lewa, "All right.. this woman's full name is Venimbusilliana; she's a professional scythe wielder, lives and comes from the jungle camp called Viperato. It's a jungle camp no air type is allowed to enter still.” he whispers.
“Ah the prejudiced stinks right now.” Lewa pouts.
Flame continues, “ Most jungle camps are still closed off, and there's tension amongst each one..which means you're not going to be able to get near this female without facing trouble. She belongs to the general, Temone, a well trained and high ranking leader of Camp Viperato; well known amongst the other jungle camps.”
Lewa pauses for a moment, "Belongs to? What do you mean she belongs to?"
"She's his daughter." Flame sighs.
Lewa nods, "AH, ok."
“You don't mess with Temone.” Flame says with a flat tone. Lewa doesn't respond to this warning, but Flame knows Lewa is already trying to think of a way to get to Venimbus, and avoid her father.
Flame shakes his head, "The other thing is, female Junti tend to be relatively aggressive...and lately somewhat playful...but all at once dangerous.
Lewa nods and waits for Flame to finish.
Flame makes sure Lewa is paying attention, “AND I am warning you; before I tell you anymore, you NEED to take precautions. Don't go jumping into things...and don't try to sweep her off her feet; it's just not going to work. It's a bad idea..”
Lewa snickers at Flame's warning, “Why?” he asks while flopping his arms tiredly over the side of the table.
“You might end up in the medical center again; only with worse injuries than you had yesterday.” Flame sighs.
“Would just talking to her elicit that?” Lewa sighs.
Flame shrugs, "It could.. depending on whether her tribe finds out or not."
Lewa twiddles his fingers, "Ehhh.."
"Look, I can't really tell you how to get to her when she's in her camp.. Flame whispers.I don't really know that much about her, but I've heard enough. She's considered to be one of the most beautiful females around in her region.. that's going to make it even harder.”
Lewa snickers at this fact. Flame rolls his eyes, "She's very good at fighting, very fast, very sneaky, and her favorite relaxing spots are near the waterfall with toxic flowers. Also, Junti have a certain amount of toxins in their system from what I've been told; I'm not sure what they do, or if they effect anybody..but it can't hurt to be cautious.” *takes out a map and points at hot spots on the map* “She likes to be here, here, and here.” Flame says while marking the map with a red pen. Lewa nods with interest.
Flame clinks his fingers on the table, "She likes to hang out in those spots, and you can try to talk to her; but if you end up inured, I'll feel sorry for you..but, you asked for it."
    Lewa nods with a approval, "Yep. And the..Ga-Matoran.."

Pearllight snickers and holds out a small piece of paper, "Hey Flame..."
Flame looks around and sees Pearllight waving a contact number back and forth.
Pearllight smirks, "I'm sort of an acquaintance with that Ga Matoran."
Flame gapes, "You've been hiding that from me this entire time?!"
Pearllight snickers, "Well..well...yeah" she squeaks. "But, she..left you her number, with a heart."
Flame grabs the small piece of paper with excitement, "Woo!"

Lewa leans back in his chair and shakes his head, "Well, there you go.. Just don't hurt her, ok?"
Flame shakes his head, "Aww, no no no no... I'll see if she likes coffee."
Lewa nods and Pearllight peeps around the corner and whispers to him "Don't worry Lewa, I got it. I'll keep an eye on them...I work here after all."
"Okay." Lewa nods with relief.
“Oh, and...good luck in your pursuit.” Pearllight snickers while winking mischievously.

Lewa finally leaves the coffee shop after a long while of thinking, and heads home, where he spends the next two weeks recovering.
During this time his longing to find Venimbus remains strong, but first he wishes to learn the Junti culture and language, to better woo his sweetheart.
He consults Pearllight for some help, being that she helped him understand the base       language of Spherus Magnians by replaying Mata Nui's frequency through his ears once before; he knew she could certainly help him understand Junti. 
This time his goal was to actually learn a language on his own, so Pearllight gives him books to study on the language and cultural customs of the Junti; and leaves it up to him to carry out the rest.