Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Onu Glow Weed Male fashion design

I loved making Onu Koro Glow Weed fashion design so much that I decided to  make male versions to match alongside the ladies' versions displayed in reference below. 

I find it rather challenging to design costumes and clothes for guys, and tried to make it look pretty while still keeping it masculine. Lots of my inspiration for costume comes from my love for Cirque Du Soleil. Costumes likes these, including the fancy tribal ones with skirt flaps I think would look just fine in a Cirque setting under black light.

My favorite design as a basic clothing article has to be the third design from the left. I may use all the basic line art I used here to make a second set of costumes in different colors.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Young Air Spirit

I recently scanned some old art from my marker paper pad, and on one of the pages there Lewa was next to a quirky pink flower I drew as a marker experiment.

It's obvious what Toa I'm a big fan of for multiple reasons. I know this Phantoka drawing looks a bit different, but that's because this version is based off the toy I played with so much when I was a kid. I switched out Lewa's Phantoka arms with Matau's green arm pieces, wanting more green on the set, because you can never have enough green. :P

Okay, so disclaimer, I didn't make the background. The jungle setting in flat shades is from online, but it seemed to add more....life? To the marker sketch. At first I was going to use one of my own backgrounds, but found it didn't work well for this.

What Lewa is doing in this scene is up to ones imagination. I have no idea, I just liked him being there.

On the left is the basic drawing with no background. All of it was done with Prismacolor marker excluding outline.

I find Lewa to look kind of young and almost childish in this image, hence the title. I guess a youthful look and Lewa actually go together rather well considering his personality traits.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Onu Koro Glow Weed fashion design

You may not remember the post I made back in 2013, but this is an improved version of the Onu Koro dress design. 

I introduce Onu Koro Glow Weed outfits. These designs are still based off the original concept I based the first dress on, that being Bionicle Onu environment plant life themes. 

Here are the old references. The original design (left) was made when I was rather young, so it's not quite as eye popping as the new ones.
The third dress design from left to right in the panel below was based off the original outfit concept shown here. I still made adjustments of course so the design matched the glowing seaweed look of the plants shown in the image to the right just above.
The middle versions are the more casual styles of glow weed outfits. Glow weed is just what I call the plants of the little thumb nail scenes by the way. Actual names for the glowing plants in the Bionicle universe were never provided.

After making the first two casual designs, I was inspired to make two belly dance designs. The first and fourth versions were the result.

Color schemes started with a neon teal, and a neon mint green displayed on black. Eye popping as they are, I felt they didn't quite match the color of the actual blue plant displayed in the middle thumbnail.
That's why I made a second panel with adjusted color scheme to more accurately match the original shade of that plant.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Blue Bionicle Bust

Apr. 26, 2016

I did this random sketch on a small sheet of blue paper back in April while waiting for my tea to finish. 
I was going for a water type of some kind being that I chose two blue pen shades and sketched on blue paper. This is just one of the random characters in my sketches, and I don't know what role they play in any one story concept, though I'm sure if I take my time I'll find a place for them.