Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pearllight icon pictures

 Hey guys, coming back to you with more Pearllight stuff. 

After making the official poster, my next goal was to make her personal icon pics. 
The above image is my official choice, being that it's the most appealing to my taste.

Below are the other choices I made, and may switch my style now and then with one of them; depending on my mood.

 Radiant blue 

 Celestial travel



Behind the helmet 

Curious to know how I made my icon helmet? Here's the starter sketch.
 By applying sacred geometry to my project, it gave me a cleaner, nearly perfect helmet. The only thing I wasn't able to pull off with geometry were the eyes; I just sort of winged that part, and used a few line crossings as a guide.
Once that was finished, I went in and outlined it, scanned the image, and colored it digitally.

There you have it. ^-^ 


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Official proto Pearllight Posters

And now, the picture that's taken me so long to finally make; I give you the Proto Pearllight posters.

 Based off the colors from her plastic representation, the gold and teal blue are an eye popping combination.
These colors will be her official colors on a daily basis.

Sometime in the near future I may make pictures of Pearllight wearing her common tulle skirt. Originally I dressed the toy version of her, because the structure seemed so naked. But the drawn version can stand on its own, with or without costume.
As you know, I have trouble with decisions, so I made a silver version too. 
The way I see it, since Pearllight's armor is adjustable, and can change color, the silver would be a base color for when Pearllight needs to blend in. After all, silver blends with the sky better; unlike gold, which would blatantly stick out during mid day.

Basic traits: Pearllight's armor will change for any situation, both in color, form, and function.
            Her most common defenses are plasma blasts, and scattered force fields that can surround her,and other people.
A sneakier defense she also possesses, is invisibility. The suit can instantly disappear if needed, and to avoid detection on any thermal devise, the outer armor surface can adjust to any room temperature.  

There you have it. Enjoy viewing and be sure to drop by in the near future. :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pearllight prototype design pages

Getting back to you from my last post, where I mentioned about my newest project at the end, the Pearllight Prototype drawing. But before I post the official pieces of work, I'd like to share the sketches made during last week's early stages of design.
I started off with the helmet first, since that's the most important part. In the upper right corner is my first design, made quite some time back. When I designed it, Pearllight was still considered a bubbly, somewhat childish character; so I drew what seemed to fit my mood at the time. But later when looking back on it, I felt she needed a few adjustments, leading to the final results, (bottom right corner in the above image).
 Going on to her hair blades. 
I'm not normally one for weapons design, but it was fairly simple drawing the hair blades. (based off the gold and blue blades from the Bionicle Tarix set). The first design had little thought involved, and didn't fit the style I was going for; so I thought about it a little longer, and drew up the second design (possibly going to be the official design). A quick tip, the handle of the blade is retractable; it shortens to clip into the bun holders on either side of the helmet

I had to think a little harder about what the torso would look like. After taking reference from the Iron Man suit, and a few Gundam models, I managed to wrap my head around it. Designed with my shape in mind, I did my best to design a suit that fit the human structure; and agreed with natural movement.

The arms came out quickly; I based them directly off the leg designs of the suit, and added compartments for holding whatever you want. The arm compartment (activated from inside the suit, but Pearllight prefers using the hidden buttons on most occasions*) is actually an idea that came about over time. My character always carried something useful with her in story line, so the arm compartment was an instant invention for where she held pretty much everything.

Hands were a no big deal design. The sketches may not be official either, though I've come to like the second hand design most. The hands have plasma disks built in the palms, and like the feet, they close when not in use (see shoe sketches below). All plasma disks are used for flight, and as weapons.
I had to go through many sketches before making a final decision on shoe style. I wanted something both fashionable, and useful. I had to make it some type of platform high heel since the shoes function is to let Pearllight run faster, and jump higher without hurting herself. After designing for awhile, I came up with an ergonomic looking platform shoe; with a spring loaded heel and toe front (spring loaded toe front isn't noticeable in the design). 

On the bottom of the shoe (lower right corner in the above image) I show the plasma disks and stabilizers.
The toe front, and heel itself have a plasma disk that can be activated from inside the suit. As I said on the last paragraph, they're for flight and fighting.
 I looked at Gundam models to mostly help me with leg shape. After viewing a few pictures on Flickr, I got the clew what they should look like. At first I gave the ankle cover a point, but decided against it, since it restricted natural ankle movement. So I tweaked the design, and made a more ergonomic ankle cover (lower right corner in image above).
On the back of the calf, there's a compartment that can either hold a weapon, or serve as a flight stabilizer at certain speeds. Again, this function is activated from inside the suit.

The thigh armor was relatively simple, with added thigh compartments; an extra that I've always included with my character. The most common thing held inside these compartments are plasma guns on either side; that can stun, paralyze, or kill (they're always set on stun). There's even enough room in these compartments for small blades, and bombs. 
Unlike the arm compartments and calf compartments, the thigh compartments can be activated by pressing the eject button. A little note though, since there is dangerous material in these compartments, they're set on lock mode from inside the suit; only Pearllight can open them.

*One final note on compartments; the calf and arm compartments can be opened manually if needed, but you have to know where the special buttons are located.

Sketch positions are pretty self explanatory from what I wrote on the design pages. After sketching for awhile, taking a break for a day or two, then sketching some more, I settled with what I felt was a good introduction pose for Pearllight.

Hope you enjoyed the walk through of my design process. Stay tuned for the official proto Pearllight. ^-^

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spoofed comic "When Lewa Farts"

 Am I the only one who finds this funny?

 When I was looking up Toa Nuva images on, and saw this picture, an image of the Toa Nuva's awakening from the Bionicle comic books, I couldn't help but laugh. 
     When I looked at the expressions of the characters, and noticed the giant dust explosion in the background, swirling to the foreground, I suddenly had a twisted idea of what was really happening in this picture. It amused me so much that I had to spoof it, ending with the above results.

Below is the image before I added speech and thought bubbles.
I think it's amusing how you can change the feel of a comic, just by changing, or in this case adding words to the image. I may try this again in the future on larger comic panels.

Original comic image

A quick heads up, I mentioned that someday I may make a Pearllight prototype drawing, see here ,and recently I've picked my pencil back up, and am happy to say the rough draft drawing of Pearllight is complete, but I still have a little ways to go, so stay tuned. ^_^