Friday, June 27, 2014

Frozen Pearllight

 So many things have unraveled in the G+ RP of alternate Mata Nui. Art has been fun, and recent events have been chilling in a literal sense. For the first time ever in my character's adventures around the universe and through alternates, she faced her first freeze over in an icy cold lake during a blizzard. It all started with her heading to Mount Ihu for some time to think and get some peace from all the drama that takes place at the Lily Pad Inn at Ga Wahi Beach.

The image above is a before peek during the intense moment when Pearllight is beneath the water and it starts to freeze around her.

The following text is the clip of this moment during RP.
Pearllight had been camping and traveling for days through the cold of Ihu. She felt more relaxed and refreshed now that she had time to think and release the pressure off her chest for a bit. Every so often she had stopped to practice fighting and wielding an element or two, feeling free and unbothered. She had been walking a long way through the afternoon, and the sky started getting very dark due to the sudden blizzard which started to fall thickly around her. As she walks, her lenses flicker; she pauses uneasily. "Hmm..what was up with that?" she questions. She continues to walk, and her lenses start to flicker and dim again; flashing red text displays itself on her inner vizor (WARNING functions in repair, navigation under construction.) Pearllight puts her hands to her head, "Oh crud...oh crud, no no no... Why out of all times does the suit decide to repair navigational portal sequence systems when I'm out in a blizzard!?"
She starts to pace and sees a lone tree, then goes to it and hangs her white and red cape from a branch, making sure it's secure and stays put. She scans the area as her lenses flicker on and off, making her lose and gain vision each time. She tries not to panic, "Come on..think... My mapping system is off and I'm somewhere in the mountains of Ihu, which means I'm now lost...and dealing with on off vision. I could take off my helmet and look at my real map in my journal...but no, if I do that I risk losing the heat of my suit and it may shut down on me because it's energy restoration for repairs, which means I could freeze out here... Maybe if I sit under a tree and wait I could deal this thing out... and hope repairs are finished by the time this blizzard is over..." she mumbles to herself half worried. Suddenly the snow starts to fall harder and her lenses start to really dim. Pearllight can hardly see now in these conditions and tries to find her cape on the tree, but misses by seven feet and goes walking forwards with her arms out, trying to find her way.
She walks and stumbles as snow beats against her, and suddenly slips. She freezes up and her eyes get big. Her lenses flicker again and she gets a glimpse of where she stands, beneath her feet she sees ice, and hears a cracking sound. She tenses up and tries to remain calm as the cracks splay outward from her feet, and grow dangerously louder. Her heart rate rises and she starts to pray, then attempts to slowly even her weight and get off the ice, not wanting to risk any power usage from her suit. Slowly she slips across the ice and the cracking sound only gets sharper. She stops and holds her breath, tears start coming to her eyes as she finds herself in a dangerous position. Once more she tries to take a step, and manages to near a little closer back towards the tree with her cape, but then her lenses turn off again and she can't see. She places her foot forward and the ice before her is too thin to support her. It cracks and she falls through. She screams, her armor remains trying to shield her and increase heat to preserve her as she sinks. Her lenses flash on and off and show her the icy cold waters which surround her.The water is so cold that it start to freeze around her instantly, icing over her lenses and freezing her as she struggles to swim to the surface. Soon her suit goes into preserve mode and she knocks out from the cold. The ice continues to solidify until it's a block around her, and floats up to the surface of the lake bed, freezing with the other ice. There Pearllight remains, frozen within an ice coffin that gets covered by the snow of the blizzard. All goes silent.

Later Tokuta finds Pearllight frozen and breaks her block free, then brings her somewhere warm to slowly thaw. (above image is of her stuck in the block of ice). Before Pearllight left for Ihu, she passed a recording to Solira asking that it be heard if she didn't return in five days from her trip to the mountains. Tokuta was worried and asked to hear it a day early, so the recording was shared with all mentioned in the holograph recording.

The following text is Pearllight's message, her way of expressing what she's been feeling.
My friends, hello from Ihu. I'm sorry I've been so confusing..but know that all my words which I share, hold the deepest and truest meaning from within my very soul. Pardon me for not have the time to tell you this in person. If you are hearing this recording, it has been a week since my departure to Mount Ihu. Please don't worry, the odds are I'm either treking a mountain or camping in a blizard; if not these things... I fear I may be lost, perhaps gone forever.

Though my days have been few, only a month on this island; I'm glad that I have met you as friends along the way. I built the inn as a home, a place to bring comfort to those who have quickly become familiar faces, familiar souls, each of you unique and wonderful, despite your rough edges.
   Tokuta, if you're listening, thank you for being my friend. And Shonto, I'm sorry I had little time to speak with you.. As a good brother should, take care of Tokuta; and please you two, remember to be careful, think ahead, and don't blame yourselves for things which just happen in life. If you feel bad about anything you said or did,and fear that you hurt me, know that I forgive you..even if you don't feel you deserve it.
   To Solira, I may have only known you a short time, but you are welcome to live at the inn with your brothers as long as you like; and I'm sorry I had to put you somewhere to keep you safe, but it was my job to do so. Thank you for holding onto this message, and making sure the ears of those mentioned, hear what I have to say.
   These days have been very intense yet interesting adventures. I have learned a few more things which have helped me see better, and understand the pain which some of you face. Ion, if you're listening.. I want to say I'm sorry, for many things. I've come to realize that what you said to me..were words of experience, because you have seen things which I seldom dabble in. I now can say that I'm pained to know how it is to be a mercenary. On the night we trekked to Ihu, you weren't there, but mercenaries seeking to kill Shonto came, and I had to fight Toa, because they attacked. I see that light has been tainted and misguided my orders and confusion. I now understand what you were telling me..and forgot that I've seen this before. I know you may think I'm crazy, and too emotional for you to handle.. But it's true that this entire time, all I've ever wanted was to understand the real you, only because I wanted to be your friend; I never meant any harm, you just remind me of other people I've come to know and love, and I only wanted to understand so I could love you too. But I understand you rather not look twice at someone who you think barely grasps the you within... and maybe I don't, but only because you won't let me; so I will respectfully stop bugging you, but I still hope for your safety and well being all the same. Also, tell Acery she's been funny..and I thank her for being kind to me and..understanding to some degree.

Words of warning, the inn may be cozy and pretty, but I fear it's a hot spot for trouble, and I advise being wary of the place. It seems to attract unwanted issues.. And boils up drama, from what I've observed. Most of you by now I'm sure have noticed the drama and oddities of the place, this is all the more I'm able to say.

With the war going on, all of you know a leader is needed. I fear that the few we sought to make leaders have vanished from view. Veneras, as some of you know, has gone off into the mountains without a trace, and I fear he will not be aiding us at all at this point. I will state once more, unity and leadership are needed, please understand that quarrel amongst yourselves will not win a fight against the invading Skahkdi. It's time you put your differences and quarrels aside, and unite as Toa, together you will be strong. May you stand in the light, and triumph over darkness, with or without me by your side.

To all who listen, please accept my apology in return if I have upset you or come across as rather naive and inattentive to your words and actions. To all my friends, here and beyond, I love you. (end of message)
For three days my character is stuck in the ice block, and when she wakes she has amnesia. More of the RP is currently being acted out. :P Art pieces were made yesterday. Figure was drawn free hand and I finished in one day, glad to have shared what Pearl looks like frozen in a block of ice so others could visualize it better. Why I made my character freeze, I purposely made the scene and melting process so I could have a break from acting for a bit. XD

Friday, June 20, 2014

Too Slow Champ

Lhikan and Tahu had a challenge, two of the best lava boarders around, who would win? Tahu kept steady and grinned with determination, but sure enough Lhikan pulled a skilled move and raced ahead, using a lone stone as a ramp; "Too slow, champ!" he shouts out with a chuckle. 
Tahu shakes his head, "Keep it up, I have some twists of my own, and you're slowing down." 
Lhikan chuckles again, "I may be old, but I've still got a spark left in me.. don't push your luck".

Ever wonder what would happen if Lhikan were around to meet the Toa Nuva? Well this idea is an alternate scenario sure to bring that mystery into a *heated* twist of adventure. Nothing like a thrilling lava board race, one pro against another.

This is the first time I've ever tried painting lava..It was pretty fun actually. I tweaked up the movie style of both characters, Lhikan was definitely more detailed in design. In basic free hand, this project was pretty fun, so happy to share a what if. :D

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Trillahru the Map Maker

 Trillahru (trill-o-roo): Trillahru is a small map maker of Ga Koro (alternate MN island of G+ RP). Her role model and the one she wishes to be more like is Hahli, wishing she were more driven and less clumsy as Hahli is.

Species: Ga-Matoran

Traits: Trillahru is clumsy, tends to slip often on the lily pads and falls face first on most occasions. This clumsiness exists with her no matter where she goes. She tries to hide this trait, and is easily flustered by it. She's kind of shy, sweet, but can be headstrong when mocked at, especially if her clumsiness is being made fun of. She's an odd water type because she gets easily sea sick; one of the reasons she wants to be a map maker and chronicler of the land. She wants to feel stable and plant her feet on the earth, knowing it won't constantly sway and cause her to stumble, fall, or get nauseous. She hides her problems with sea sickness in embarrassment, and tries to avoid the subject of boat travel, not minding a swim, but really gets seas sick on a boat. She tends to be rather oblivious and innocent to most things, and has a tendency to stumble into problems by accident, then flips out easily when she faces trouble. She has a fear of storms, and prefers to stay inside when it thunders. It makes her queasy to even look at the water when the waves sway during a stormy day, and the sound of thunder makes her twitch and stumble more than usual.

Belongings: She carries around a large bag filled with all her belongings; everything from a fold out hammock, food, medicine, maps, books, mapping supplies, light stones, and things in between. She carries around pretty much all her belongings in this bag, for the reason of being prepared, and wants to have the security of having all her belongings with her if she needs to run for safety. She also carries around a small fishing spear as a walking stick and weapon.

Above are base sketches of Trillahru. Right was the first concept sketch, and left is the main base pencil sketch. Note, Trillahru's mask design is made to look like a lily blossom for better camouflage

Friday, June 13, 2014

Palace of Justice MN RP

 The adventure continues. In the MN RP of G+ there's a place called the Palace of Justice (basically a judgement hall and jail of Ko-Koro). My character got to briefly act in scenes of the palace, and I found description of the place interesting. This is why I snagged the opportunity to bring the palace to life and give everyone a view of what it might be like. Credit for the photos goes to Veneras, he took pictures of the headless Rahkshi and his character, and that inspired me to give the images life. 

The above angle was fun, I added pillars and watermarked this joint project by writing names and dates in Matoran on the pillars (great way to incorporate credits into an art piece).
Above, one of my more favorite angles. Something about the way Veneras set up the photo that gives it a more menacing look, one that contains mystery and suspense. Veneras the character is in fact the one who chopped the head off this Rahkshi, and wears it on his armor. 

To make the background and pillars of the image I used metal texture and blue filters. I think it served well enough to make icy walls and flooring. Final touch up were shading and level tweaks. Also in both images I changed the hand color of the Rahkshi to black, being that they were once red and temporary on the MOC. This is why I made them match for the art piece.

Trivia: My character was actually following Veneras around in the palace of justice, but for safety reasons was invisible. I like to think she's standing nearby in  the images, you just don't know it. :P

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Pearllight's Anti Troll Gun

Lets face it, who like trolls? I've had this idea for awhile, then added poetry came with it. Here's Pearllight's take on trolling; she got a hold of an anti troll gun, and she aint afraid to use it. :P
Of course it's not too late to apologize. XD

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pearl and toku comics

 In the RP of G+ (which I may start calling Phantom Rising MN alt. till it's given an actual name) there were a few scenes starting in Le Wahi which the dialogue of these comics is based off of. The photos themselves were taken as reference displays of the Tokuta rep MOC next to my Pearllight MOC. I winged off common expression in the photos, then saw potential for them as a comic.

The scene which these are based off pertains to issues that occurred in Le when Tokuta tries to comfort Pearllight without realizing why she's burdened, and then only increases her stress by trying to tell her secrets about himself which she's afraid to hear (since that could endanger him if an enemy of this world were to try and interrogate her). So based on that concept, the left panel expresses her stress to how innocent Tokuta seems to be, not knowing Pearllight has learned a few lessons (those being that no one will always be there for her, even if they think they will). And in the right panel I express situation where Tokuta tries to tell Pearllight something, but she's too stressed to listen.

Final comic page relates to a scene that also happened in Le Wahi, a scene where Tokuta and Pearllight argue. Pearllight made her points about how no one listens, Tokuta claimed he did, but in truth Pearllight was correct on all aspects, and the two argued then split for a bit.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Tokuta Rep. Moc

Because I like making art off adventures and RP's my character gets involved in, I decided to make a Tokuta representation MOC from the current Mata Nui RP I'm in on G+. The original Tokuta is a tad different, I didn't have the parts to make my version exact, but to be honest, I like the way the rep. turned out. The structure, though simple, really seems to reflect to that of a 19 year old individual (the age which Tokuta as a character is).

I made the basic panel of Tokuta rep MOC, figuring it would be a shame to let the design go unseen. Technically it's fan art because it's someone else's character made to mimic the original, but isn't exact. My true reason for making a fan based MOC is so I can make fan art photo scenes for the RP. It's a shame that the MOC of Tokuta is rather short in comparison to my character, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make illusion, hopefully enough to keep Tokuta from looking so short in scenes with Pearllight.

I added extra Matoran writing on the panel for interest. It spells out "two bladed Toa warrior".

Overall I like this MOC, the legs actually came out rather nice... though I might play with that some more in the future. None the less, I'm satisfied with the overall masculine, yet youthful build.