Saturday, December 29, 2012

Voya Nui Etch a sketch version

There are many different art forms out there, one of the kinds that takes either a natural gift or a trained hand would be the etch a sketch. Many years ago when I received my first etch a sketch, I tried my hand at drawing cities, soon leading up to me drawing a funny little robot based off Matoro, one of my favorite characters (below).

In my boredom a few months ago, I decided to pick up my etch a sketch once more, and this time give my hand at forming the island of Voya Nui, surrounded by treacherous waters and mapped out with wonky letters that resemble computer-like connection. 
     Letters are rather complicated to form on an etch a sketch, and getting them centered is even more difficult, which is why the name Bionicle shrinks down to lower case letters near the edge of the board, ending with a barely noticeable "e". I had to do this dew to lack of space.

After taking a photograph with flash of my new Voya Nui sketch; it took very little time to crop, and adjust lighting. I love the result of gray blue from the adjusting, and as for the strange ripples that make the background appear as surrounding waters, those ripples are oddly enough part of my etch a sketch screen.
 (Above) my first Bionicle etch. At the time I didn't say it was a Bionicle, but it was certainly based off Matoro. I was embarrassed to admit my interest in the tale way back then, none the less it was inspiring me as an artists even then.  

This etch a sketch version of Matoro is sort of hieroglyphic in style, stiff but meaningful. Not sure why I put the cube, but I figure it has something to do with robots and fighting over certain objects of power in practically every type of story line. Who knows, maybe the legendary cube from Transformers landed in the Bionicle universe at one time.... they just figured out it was dangerous and launched it back into space. 

These two images are original versions of the etch a sketch photos. 
Editing did them justice in my opinion.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Family Gathering

 Back in 2010 I was in the mood to make a little Christmas themed scene revolving around characters of my invented role play series "Life of Lewa".  My first goal to making a scene of family and friends together on Christmas Eve, was to make a living room scene with a roaring fire and a festive tree. I set up this scene using Barbie furniture, doll house goodies, and found objects.

The scene below is the same living room, but I didn't feel it had enough light; so I sticky tacked a broken necklace holder to the ceiling, then sticky tacked a tea candle to that, and then hung pearls from it to make it look like a chandelier.

The dollhouse light in the corner is an actual miniature that works, and the fire is again a tea candle with red tissue paper surrounding it.

 (Above) The family gathers for Christmas Eve, cookies and egg nog for all to enjoy. The tree is brimming with shinny wrapped presents and toys of all kinds. Lewa and Venimbus sit together happily on the couch, Erozion and Kazikii chat the entire time, Harmose eagerly waits to get his hands on some cookies before the agori friend eats them all, and Moonbreeze talks to her sweet heart Sobrono over in the right corner near the tree.

I added in the lighting to their eyes, gives the picture more life than if I would have just left them as they were.

(Above) a bit of a closer view of the family gathering from the right side of the room. Venimbus is watching the silly kids fight over cookies.  Erozion discusses motorcycle builds with Kazi.

 The sunlight hit the side of my cupboard, resulting in a natural glow in Lewa's eyes. I like this picture for the gazing look Lewa seems to have, almost like something is bugging him, and he's thinking about it.
 (Above) a major close up of the cookie snatcher, and the aggravated face of Harmose.

(Above) our last close up of Moonbreeze talking to Sobrono. It kind of seems like poor Sobrono is cornered.

Hope you guys are having a great Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas and happy holidays. ^_~

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bionicle 2009 Gift Share

(Above) image taken in 2009, edited in 2012. "Gift Sharing".
[As Tahu sat on the cozy couch of this festive little living room, Pearllight came over and handed him a small package wrapped in red paper. "For you Tahu." Pearllight happily says. Tahu gently takes the gift with glowing eyes of appreciation. While Tahu enjoys his present, we pan over to a couple Agori locked in a game of chess, Venimbus (Lewa's wife) watching inquisitively from the side lines.]

I took this photo back in 2009 as a quick Christmas scene for the characters. Unfortunately the quality isn't the greatest, but I feel that adds to the sense of a real photograph taken my a camera man with unstable hands. It's only recently (today) that I felt the scene needed some adjusting, so I added some wall paper to the room through Photoshop, and adjusted the color a bit.

(Left) the scene before I added digital wallpaper. Figured it would be fun to share the before and after picture, since I can't decide if the after looks better or not.
 The tree of this living room actually lights up, and is filled with plastic candy canes and sparkling, little ornaments. The bottom is brimming with shiny wrapped gifts, a different color for each Bionicle figure and their element. The added touch of a fake tea light in the fire place with red tissue paper, adds the sense of a warm flame bringing comfort to the room. I think this scene is what the living room looks like when all have gone to sleep.

(Above) The Christmas tree corner taken with flash. Just to show you the details of the room. It doesn't have warmth to it when flash is on. (Below) the couch corner; a Barbie couch and table with decorative heart pillows and a doily. The rest of the room is filled with dollhouse goodies.
 Hope you enjoyed this little Christmas scene of 2009. Just felt like trying to redeem some of my old photography, hope I did okay. ^_~

Monday, December 3, 2012

Berix setting up for Christmas

 It's that time of year again, time to bring out the colorful decor, and spice up your spruce.
I've been reaching into old Bionicle Christmas photos from a year or two ago. Quite a few of them are poor in quality, but I feel with a little enhancement, they can be slightly redeemed with a little more background interest that gives them instant life.

In the above photo panel, Berix (with a different mask) is setting up for Christmas by hanging a wreath on the door. Again, I made a photo panel purely for easier online sharing. It also makes it easier to see all four images as a whole.

Below you will find each image on it's own, and I give more detail on each.

 (Above) this picture is my favorite out of the four, being that the background seemed to blend surprisingly well. I like the depth this image seems to hold, with the frosted woods, and lumpy snow. I was originally going to crop off the top part of the house, but it didn't look right without it, so we'll just say that the characters who slightly show on the balcony are helping decorate the upper floor.
    I also like the darkness with hints of light this picture has. It feels more like a real photo because of this (or at least to me it does).
 (Above) a closer view of Berix on the porch, to get a better view and feel like you're inviting yourself to the house. (Below) Even closer close up, showing a little more woods to the side lines, and indicating there's a slights slope to the surrounding yard of the house.

 (Above) a side line view of Berix hanging the wreath. Again, I love the feel of the background which didn't exists in this image. It seems to make the picture more inviting, and leads you up to the front door. I also added lights to the characters eyes.

(left) Original front of house image. Doesn't look as fun with a closet and shawl visible, which clearly show the set is a dollhouse and toys.

Porch lights are train station model lights, originally meant to be large street lamps for models.

(Left) front porch view before improved lighting and background. A little detail is that I used wire bead garland for the trees, and the wreath is made of pipe cleaners.

(Left) the even closer close up before the background was added. I feel the background added a little extra magic to the image, giving it that winter appeal. Oh and almost forgot to mention, the background was a desktop image adjusted to size and tweaked in light and color.

(Left) Side view. You have to admit the backdrop beats seeing part of my messy room. ^.^

Stay tuned for more fun Bionicle pictures yet to come. ^_~  Happy blogging.