Thursday, February 26, 2015

Frosted Stories- Feb 2015 photos

Another snow day, and this time I had more enjoyment during photo shoot. Woke up to find it had snowed while I was resting and reached around a foot deep, also the perfect texture for sculpting (that wet sort of snow that sticks to itself well). 

I spent half my day outside and brought every icy figure I could think of with me. Frona and fancy Gelu were of course in the bunch, along with Natasha and original Gelu, a maskless Toa Metru of ice, Kopaka Mata and Nuva, a Borahk and Vahki, plus Hordika Nuju.

With all these figures in the bunch, I ended up with a batch of random photos that as a collection I've come to call, "Frosted Stories".
 Snowy Stroll

Snowy stroll was an opening scene to the collection, of Gelu and Frona walking together with their arms wrapped around each others in an intimate sort of way. Just a nice little walk through the cold, a normal day for any ice type.

Sadly I did have my run ins of bad luck today for Photo shoot. "Snowy Stroll", "Off To See the Blizzard", "Brothers Duel", "Triumphant", and "Dancing" are all retakes of the original shots which I accidentally deleted, and yelled at myself internally as my heart thud in panic from my sudden loss. Couldn't get them back, but thankfully there was still enough time to get make up shots before it got dark. I even managed to get the extra splurge of the moment picture, "Worn Out".
 Off To See the Blizzard

The two Gelu figures in my shots of the day are suppose to be twin brothers. I thought it would be fun to have them both walk with Frona arm in arm, like Dorothy and her friends in Wizard of OZ, hence the name "Off To See the Blizzard".
 Brothers Duel 

I have a feeling the original shot may have captured the scene better, but the second try is still fun. Siblings sometimes have their rivalries, but a duel between twin brothers can be like fighting your own reflection. I think I'll call the one to the left Chelu (for these pics).

Even though they were fighting each other, the brothers raise their hands in triumph at the end of the duel as though they hear a cheering audience.
 Worn Out 

Unfortunately Chelu gets tired after duels and flopped in the snow for a nap.
 Winter Dancing 

One of my favorite scenes, the capture of movement seeming so natural in this shot. Ice types dance too, this dance being a winter dance of spinning around in a medieval waltz sort of fashion. Chelu gets to dance with Natasha and Gelu with Frona.

These scenes were actually kind of hard to get because it started snowing soon after I got outside and it was hitting me in the face. I also couldn't actually get more complex shots in the snow because the cat pooped on my winter boots and my normal boots aren't waterproof.... -_- (couldn't actually step in the snow).
 Winter Dancing Single 

Seeing I lost the original close up shots of the dance, I cropped the one side of my full scene because I love the movement between characters so much.

"Dancing" is a retake to make up for the "Winter Dancing" close up shot. It still captures an interesting amount of energy I guess.

Maskless, a scene depicting a lone ice Toa who lost his mask, his energy so low that he collapsed to his knees too tired to continue, asking Mata Nui why his days have been so hard. You can see there are two angles I took, one more from the side, the other more towards his front.
 Behind You 

Why was the Toa so worn out, and how did he lose his mask? You might say the answer sometimes comes to you. A Vahki had followed him, and the Toa glances out the corner of his eye.
Again I took two angles of the scene, overhead shot gives more of the sense that the Toa is prepared. In the image below, the Vahki is actually running at him; guess he'll need to think fast.
Rushing  (that name seems good enough).
 At My Control

Two shots in different spots of a Kopaka Mata set with a krana on his face and a Bohrok in the background. The one above captured lighting better, sadly it also captures the fence.
This more flat land surrounded by nature location does bring a bit more of an island feel, not so industrial.

I'll admit I rarely ever take pictures of Kopaka Nuva standing in the snow, but today seemed like a good day to do it.

Cause we know that's Kopaka's style. I decided to emphasize that trait by getting a pic of him walking alone, first trying distant shot (right), then got a bit closer (left).


There are some set backs to walking alone in the white wilderness, you never know when a Bohrok will show up.
Again I took multiple angles and chose these two as my favorites.

Sad Sleep 

Originally the title was just "Sadness", but "Sad Sleep seems to fit better. Here is Nuju Hordika resting under a tree.
"Sad Sleep" distance shot (left). "So Depressed" (right).

"So Depressed" really seems to capture how Nuju feels, especially as a Hordika sitting on a lone pipe in the cold.
 Sicline's House 

Seeing the snow was perfect for sculpting, I didn't pass up the chance to do at least one sculpture. This is Sicline's house, or at least as close as I can get to it when sculpting. Sicline's home in the MN-CN-I RP is a rather large place located in Ko Koro just outside the village. I've pictured the inside to be even grander than the size.

Piling the snow and carving out some steps, a door, and windows, then adding some twigs and snow clumps in the side yard to look like caked trees took me less than ten minutes. Granted if I had more time and my gloves were better I would have worked on it a bit more (but my gloves were drenched after a few minutes, and the sun was going down).
The normal version of the home in the evening light is nice, but I also wanted to depict what it's like at night, so of course I did photo editing to make the picture dark with glow spots.
Sicline's Doorway 

Just a close up view of her home in both day and night setting.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Snowy Encounter- Winter Photos 2015

The Gazing Orb

Taken on Feb. 17, 2015. I was glad to finally see snow fall starting on the 16'th all the way through the 17'th. And you know what that means, time to play in the four to five some inches we got.

My first few pics I call the Gazing Orb are random pics of my Frona MOC gazing at a watering bulb. I thought it seemed kind of interesting.

At first my heart wasn't in the photos, I felt like running around or talking with someone and asked myself why I was taking pictures of toys in the snow again; but after I got them on the computer, I appreciated them a bit more.
Gelu's Arrival
 Since I love the Gelu figure, I tossed him into the Snowy Encounter collection. Gelu's Arrival is just a way to introduce him into the snowy surroundings like he's following the steps of Frona through the forest.
 (Left) is a second version of Gelu's arrival. (Right) "A Warm Greeting", is an image that actually came after the following below. I like the idea of two ice type friends being a bit warmer in nature for a brief moment, so I had them hug under a lone tree.
 "Snowy Encounter" two angles of a single scene above and below. Overhead seemed pretty interesting, but I can't settle on which I like more.
 Snowy Encounter was sort of a concept scene as I played in the snow. I wanted to bring both characters together and it sort of reflects some other characters from the MN-CN-I RP, those figures being detectives Sicline and Kyrian, an ice type and blizzard type (air and ice mix). In general it's just a scene which shows Gelu finally found Frona in the wilderness of white.
Observing the Trees
"Observing the Trees", one of my favorite images in the collection. An interesting day of observation in the winter wilderness.
 Close ups of tree observation. Gelu's observing gaze and Frona's semi icy stare, sometimes study can seem a bit *chilling*.