Friday, January 29, 2016

Ta Koro Kolhii Poster

Ta Koro kolhii field. Can you feel the heat? A game well played by Toa and Matoran alike. 

 I mentioned on my main blog that I've been on a slight hiatus from Bionicle fan art, but of course I try again to bring myself out of this nearly one month long reluctance.

Personal feelings have taken a roll in my break, but no, I won't avoid my hobby for long, still liking this art form, regardless of aggravations that come along the way. 

As a warm up image (ironic since this is Ta Koro themed) to pull myself out from behind the door, I made a basic poster using an image from one of my existing comics Silvermask Not Jaller. This picture represents my OC named Silvermask, but his form is Jaller's, the comic makes sense of it a bit more. Anyway, I wanted to use this image as an anonymous fire type (could even be Toa Jaller this time) for the scene, being reminded of Ta Koro's kolhii match in the first Bionicle movie by the armor plating that the figure puts on. It reminded me of Jaller and Takua with their funny little arm plates. 

I've always imagined kolhii being a more dangerous and thrilling sport if played by Toa. 
For those rough in Matoran, it says, "Be a champion".

I gave my hand at making a digital watercolor background resembling Ta Koro's kolhii field, then posterized my character to make him look more painted and part of the setting.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Say Something Ero

"Say Something". There comes a time where we have to let things go.

 "I love you, but you don't love me....I have to accept that and live without you, even though it hurts. I'm leaving you be, because I love you."

This image has been on my mind for a long time, the idea originating from the song "Say Something" from A Great Big World. The words and emotion put into this song inspired an idea that remained concept for a future chapter in the Life of Lewa fan fiction, the idea itself relating to personal feelings and experiences of my own, expressed through one of my main characters with a slightly different scenario twist.

 The image of Erozion walking off into the evening after dropping his phone on the ground is from a day dream I had while listening to "Say Something". As a concept in the story, Erozion met a girl he really liked, and he pursued her because he loved her, but she took that the wrong way, and in fear she abandoned him, not wanting to hear his side of the story, not wanting to understand his pain, not able to handle the truth of Erozion's life. He knew she didn't want him and didn't care, so he stopped pursuing, but he never stopped loving, just knew he meant nothing to her.
How that relates to my own personal scenario, let's just say it connects to a friendship I had at one time which crumbled away through the years and eventually led to me realizing how much I'm actually worth to that person. 
To better express the mood of this image, I made this video that includes both the Bionicle version, and the normal version of the image, displayed to an edited version of the song.

This rendition of "Say Something" is a cover done by Dano Feehan and Elissa Ebersold. I found the MP3 for free download on Elissa's blog, right here This was the first time I had ever heard the song, and loved it, but wanted to tweak it slightly to fit the idea blossoming in my head. Because I dreamed of a phone call being dropped (in the literal sense) when I listened to this song, I wanted to open the song with a radio sound like the music is playing through the cell phone, and then it goes from being gray to full color when the song becomes normal as the story is told, and then it ends with the radio sound like we're focusing back on the phone again, closing the story with a pan over of the normal image instead of the Bionicle image, showing two worlds, same concept.

I actually found the song more thrilling because of how I found it. First I checked out Elissa's Deviant Art page So happens she does Bionicle art too, then I noticed in one of her journal entries she mentioned she does singing. I was especially thrilled to know this because I too am a vocalist who does Bionicle art work alongside other things, hence my higher appreciation for the song. I was actually a bit disappointed that her voice was less noticeable in the song, her voice being part of the background and not in the lead, but I guess that's how the song is suppose to be.

Regardless, I'm happy I found it, and glad to say it inspired me.
For the curious eyes, here's the normal version of the picture. I used a doll, scrapbook paper, an old cell phone, some creative lighting, and digital editing.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Tropical Punch

What a scene! Tropical punch, taste the victory. ;P

How did I come to this idea? The story is rather simple, one day while I was clothes shopping I saw a sign on the wall that said tropical punch, suddenly my mind scrambled this with several things I had been looking at recently, and then I imagined the Toa Nuva punching Skakdi.

What do you get when a group if island robots are in a wrestling match? Tropical punch of course, and all the flavors to match their color schemes. 
The song that kick started this image is by Te Vaka, called "Tamatoa".
  Have a listen while looking at this picture and enjoy. XD
Come on, who doesn't want to see the heroes kicking Skakdi skid plates. And for the record, this is the first time I've ever drawn the Skakdi. 

I also got a bit tired near the end and cheated on shading of the page, but hey, for such a simple concept it doesn't need to be perfect I guess.