Monday, February 25, 2013

Nidhiki Golf

Hey everybody, check this out; my newest art piece for a small contest on my DA, to make a picture of the classic dark hunters Nidhiki and Krekka having a friendly game of golf.

The details were given in a journal entry from the group I'm part of called, TheOrderofMataNui. For record purposes, here's the link to that journal entry.  Being that I was the first to enter, I won first place. :D The contest holder was very pleased with the picture, his comment, "This is amazing! Much better than expected. I love it! ^_^". He was also starting to feel like no one was going to join the contests, since he started it at the beginning of the month, and no one seemed to care, until I finally dropped my link below the journal entry. And even more fun news is that I received the bonus points for adding Turaga Dume into the picture in a fun way; so instead of nine points, I got 12. ^.^

I was thinking about adding some text bubble to this picture, but decided to leave them out and just write what I could hear the characters saying in description. As I quoted on my DA below this picture:  (As I made this image I could just hear these two talking, where Krekka says, "Ehhh, you sure ya doin it right..?" and Nihiki says, "Of course I'm sure! Now shut up and let me put...")

Details: The picture is hand drawn, inked; and colored with colored pencils, marker, and jell pen. The only color that didn't show up after scanning is the light blue I used on the sky... oh well.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gresh and Marine

 Happy Valentines Day everybody! These two pictures are strictly from my old role play series, Life of Lewa. Back in the Frona Cupid post I gave some history on her origin, and mentioned about the specialty Valentines Day episodes; those very episodes included much more than Frona Cupid and her insanity, and these photos are another peek at what followed after.

In the late evening after all had been fixed and Frona was back in her normal mind, we pan over to a simple love scene. The character to the left is Marine, I'll speak more about her at a later time. In these scenes Gresh and Marine are sharing a simple, sweet moment, holding hands and hugging. The two were naturally attracted to each other, and they let people believe it was just another pixie problem; a mischievous way of hiding their embarrassment. Reflecting back on this scene, I do believe Gresh made an engagement announcement, the tale was played so long ago it's hard for me to remember how it went exactly. But he engaged Marine, which is why she's hugging him tenderly below.

These pictures in my opinion make a great set of Valentines cards. I just wanted to share them with you, even though I do plan to use them again if I ever rewrite the series for Life of Lewa, and include pictures amongst the writing.

A few details on how I did these scenes. I used my Fairytopia Barbie set and placed it outside in the right lighting, then posed the characters and took some pictures. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Frona Cupid

 Valentines day is just around the corner; coming up next Thursday to be precise. I've waited a year just to get these up, and now here they are! Two pictures of Frona cupid out of the 16 picture collection from 2010.

I went for two different styles, one where she's wearing a pink skirt (above), and the other where she's wearing all red (below). I also made the addition where her double blade harp could be used as a set of wings.

The collection of photos is rather comical, made to be like trade able Valentine's Day cards. Someday I plan to make a set of trading cards out of the 16 pictures, make them look even better by adjusting the lighting, possibly adding a border, and flaring them up to fit that dazzled Valentine's Day card look. For now though, they will stay comical photos.

The theme I was going for in these photos, with the sparkly pink curtain backdrop, and silky pink flooring, was sort of a music stage. I wanted it to look like Frona was all dressed up for Valentines day, and was invited to sing at an evening Valentines day party. That's why I made it look like she was standing on a silky pink, carpet covered stage, with sparkly pink curtains in the background.

Now for some history behind these pictures, and the Frona cupid design.

Back in 2010 the long lasting Bionicle fan fiction, Life of Lewa, an inspiration ignited by a friend of mine; contained many odd episodes which could be rather twisted and mind glitching, in the sense that you wouldn't expect the sort of stuff we played to be thrown in with Bionicle. During the month of February, we decided to have a little fun by playing a few Valentines themed episodes; it's during these episodes I invented Frona Cupid. Now you may remember Frona being mentioned in previous posts; "Travels of Frona" for instance, a small graphic novel revolving around her, shows you that she's clearly an ice type. So you may be wondering why she suddenly became Frona Cupid, a white, gold, and red figure; and that's where the Valentine's day episodes from LoL comes in. During these episodes, a love pixie from an alternate fairytale universe makes her way into their world, causing mischief by powdering people with her love dust, a sparkly pink powder which has the same affect as Cupid's arrows if inhaled. This fairy caused trouble all over the land, but things got personal for the Toa Nuva when this love pixie shot Frona. Frona was on the beach at the time, and when she inhaled the powder it affected her differently; it changed her armor, and it made her as bold and crazy as the pixie that shot her, (thankfully the dust wears off after a few days). Frona became a slight threat to the personal lives of Lewa and Tahu while she was in cupid mode, and here's why; when Frona was hit she fell in love with the first being she saw, that poor soul being Lewa. She wanted him instantly, but he refused, telling her he was engaged to the beautiful Venimbus. In her jealousy, Frona shot Venimbus with a reverse beam from her scope. A reverse beam is an ability Frona  possesses, which can cause any mind to reverse back to an earlier state of their life, making them believe it's still the time line they were living in so long ago. This was bad for Lewa, because Venimbus believed the air types and jungle types were still at war, and that Lewa was her enemy. Lewa sought to cure her, and succeeds, but that is part of another tale. 
     Now as for Tahu, he was affected in a personal way because he got shot by the love pixie, and the first being he saw was a crazy Frona Cupid. That riled up Gali, and Gali asked Lewa to help. Lewa found an antidote that stops the affects of love dust, and he shot Tahu in the rear with a miniature arrow that was tipped with the stuff. Tahu was very angry, but soon woke up to realize how much trouble this pixie was causing. The rest of the tale won't be crammed into this history, but now you get where Frona Cupid came from.

When Frona woke up from her insanity, she came to like the color scheme she was wearing, and embraced it as a joke, dressing up as Frona Cupid during Valentines day, and performing for parties on the occasion.

For all 16 photos to this collection of Frona Cupid cards, please visit my Flickr set here ^_~