Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pearllight's injury

In story lines of my past, Pearllight has always been that happy problem solver, and her world never seemed to be down. Sure, that was the Pearllight of the past, but now days she's not as bubbly in character.

Since I tend to imagine from both ends of the spectrum, I also think about the sad side of what her character faces. One of those sad sides would be rejection, and being mistreated, or misunderstood. There have been times, many times I've felt this way, which is why I've imagined similar circumstances happening to Pearllight (me in another universe).

I made this picture about a month ago, and was expressing my feelings on paper that night. Pohatu tenderly came to Pearllight's aid when finding her limp, lying on a stone near the ocean. Pohatu has always been the one character who understood Pearllight most. Why? You may wonder, was Pearllight so sad that she fell asleep in the rain; well, she had been attacked by the Turaga, and shunned by the Toa for something she didn't do, and questioned what it was she did wrong. The elders and Toa didn't realize they harmed Pearllight's heart with their actions, and later Pohatu points out their fault, after finding Pearllight so sad, and uncaring.

Truthfully, in a main story line sense, this wouldn't have actually happened; but since I think up multiple options, for multiple stories, this particular scene would have happened in one of the alternate universes that come to mind for all ideas. 

This is a song I feel matches the emotion of the sketch, and what I was trying to portray at the time.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Bionicle Legen Reborn DVD

      For a very long while I've secretly wanted the 4'th Bionicle movie. Being that I never owned any Bionicle movies before this one, I'm all giddy to finally have it in my clutches.
I was completely embarrassed inside for liking the movies, since they're made for kids, and the acting in them implies it. 

 I've been in Ohio for a little over two weeks, and just got back Friday. During the time spent in Ohio, we stopped at Wall-Mart, and found the five dollar movie bin. We started digging through it, and then suddenly my mom stumbles upon, you guessed it, Bionicle the Legend Reborn. To my surprise, she asked me if I wanted it; my response was obviously yes. 

The reason I like the film, is not only for the character design and certain favored scenes, but also for it's background designs, artistic scenery, and as a great source for gaining art inspiration to use in drawings and Bionicle designs of my own. These are the main reasons I gave for liking the movie....but need I say more? Honestly, I do like the movie just because, but I still keep that as an inner embarrassment, even though there's no reason to.

One of the main reasons I wanted the movie, is because it's the only one you can't find on You tube as a full length film. And there are certain scenes, I for some reason love watching and analyzing....ope, did I just have an extremely nerdy moment? For those of you who own the CD and are curious to know what my favored scenes are, go to scene selection and click on number 7 "Joined Forces". This scene is one of my favorites, and I enjoy many of the scenes following after. I'll put it this way, I like the last half of the movie more than I do the beginning.

     You may wonder why scene 7 is my favorite; truthfully, it's because I enjoy the character build of Gresh. He's so innocent in some ways, and reminds me a bit of myself.

Being that I like taking pictures of stuff I get, you'll find pictures of Mata Nui and Kiina below, posing for Mata Nui's big movie. I was going for the actor/actress thing, doing a few photo shoots with the movie poster. Enjoy :)

First picture they struck a pose and pretty much stayed that way. XD

 Kiina looks over at the poster and Mata Nui, feeling internally excited that they're in a movie.

 Mata Nui's close up, sort of positioning himself to look more like the poster. :P

Hug the poster, as a last front pic
 A quick peek at the back cover and behind the scenes extras. Wow, look at Mata Nui fighting the "Mighty" Tuma.

This picture is my personal favorite out of the bunch; I think it's because the eyes came out just right on the characters, and the angle of their heads makes them appear more realistic.

I'm having a blast with owning the film, and am jazzed about finding it for five bucks.
       In my personal opinion, for those of you who haven't seen the film, it may have somewhat old style other words just a little better than old 50's films, or in this case, kid friendly; but it's great for art reference, and isn't packed full of extreme violence. After all, this is a tween teen friendly film. So for those of you who are looking for something fun, somewhat action packed, but not violent and full of cuss words, this movie may leave you satisfied; especially if you like robots.

Time to turn back to my drawing and construction projects. Have a nice week, happy viewing. ^_^