Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Origin of Pearllight 
 For those of you who have visited my main art blog (Pearllight Studio) you might be wondering how I came up with such a strange name. So now I'm going to tell you. (P.S. I guess I'm talking about my main blog sooner than expected.)

Now first off you might be wondering, (What does the name Pearllight have anything to do with Bionicle and robot related subjects?)   Well, five years ago when I became a late fan of Bionicle, my imagination was stirred up and running wild after reading one of the comic books. From that point I started day dreaming of their world and wondering what a Toa would be like if he or she were real. Then I went on day dreaming of how I would get to their world, leading to this crazy idea of me somehow having a robotic suit, and ending up on their world after using what I call the "Gateway of Dreams"  (Also known as an imaginary portal.) 

From this day dream came my code name, Pearllight. I figured I needed a code name I could use to represent my character in this imaginary world. So I took the meaning behind my first name, which means pearl, and added in the word light because I fell through the sky like a flaming comet, glowing a radiant purple-blue. Other reasons for these favored colors is because I imagined that's what the crater was colored when I landed on the beach. A crater of glass I might add.

Going on; when I finally got my first Bionicle sets, Matoro being one of them, I was hooked and absolutely adored the wide range of movements the toys had to offer.  Matoro ended up being one of my favorite characters, I think it has something to do with the innocent look of his mask, and also the fact that I love rounded eye shapes. Anyway, I ended up liking the look of Matoro so much that I decided to adjust the character to represent me as Pearllight.

Now then ,over time I met a few friends on the way who were also Bionicle fans, and we started acting out stories with the characters. I started using Matoro as Pearllight at some point and it stayed that way ever since. Then one day when I was at my one friend's house, he let me borrow some pieces to decorate my character; which is when I discovered that the combination of gold and blue brought my character to life. 
        But before I added in the fancy armor, I've always dressed Pearllight in some form of fabric. Later on I found that tulle is one of my most favorite things for dressing my character in.  My friend though seemed to find the new fluffy outfit a bit out there, but I liked it and that's how it stayed. I even added a few extra things on the way, like a flower earring weight and a necklace that has purple beads and a seahorse on it, also an earring.

The above image is my Pearllight character as of today. She still has a very strong resemblance to Matoro, but isn't completely the same. Besides, Matoro wouldn't wear a dress.......I don't think.

Also, since I like to change the look now and then I imagine that my suit can change color and style, depending on my mood. Someday I might try to make an accurate default-concept drawing of what Pearllight would look like on a regular basis, since truthfully I'd like my character to be able to stand on her own rather than look like Matoro, since that character is copyrighted by LEGO.  The only tricky part is figuring out the default design and possibly making my own toy. But that's still way in the future, for now I'm happy with the way Pearllight is.

So there you have it, the simple history of Pearllight and how she came to be.


  1. Hello Pearllight. I must say that I kind of went the same direction as you. When I first learned about Bionicle I was instantly hooked. And eventually I started daydreaming about their world and that lead to me joining some new adventures I created in my head.

    1. Good to know. Seems there are many with similar experiences during childhood towards the fandom.