Friday, September 30, 2011

Bionicle bath brush


Yes, you heard me correctly, I did another Bionicle bath brush since I had to retire my old one. It's a little different from my last one which had flowers and vines mixed in with Matoran writing. This time I felt like doing everything more geometric in design.  Now that it's done, it's to the shower with it; never get caught without your Bionicle bath brush.

 Designing process:

 All I did to make this brush was sketch a few designs out and then decide on color scheme.

Here's when I took out my sharpies and a scrap paper for brain storming color combination. A few things didn't add up, so I went around the paper and did color in sections to figure out what sequence I wanted to pull together. Then I decided which ones looked best together and drew arrows and lines to pull together the final set up.

Last step was to use a circle stencil and draw the designs on my brush handle. Then I went in with my sharpies, and there you have it, my own personal Bionicle themed bath brush. :P

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