Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Elemental Palette

This evenings art experiment involved using my own selection of backgrounds taken from a photo I did of a watercolor palette. You can find out more about the base project on the post- Watercolor Palette Pictures.

Each color on the palette immediately reminded me of the elements, specifically in the shades of Bionicle. I didn't want to spend hours on something silly, so I used some short cuts by selecting images of the Toa Nuva, then turning them into stamp outlines using a filter in PSE.

I couldn't decide between letting the colors show through the stamp images or not, so I made the one above, then saved a version of them on solid white, as shown below.

The six main elements are fun, but I did have two blocks left from the photo, so I decided to play around and create Toa Mata singles of Tahu and Lewa.

I did the same stamped image on watercolor effect for these, and put the two buddies together on a page.

Lewa looked right as an outline, but he also looked pretty good as a paper pieced image. I think this would make a nice card.

During my selecting and stamp making, I kept each form for later use.

Each picture I used has been assembled on a stamp sheet for fun (left).

The outlines alone look pretty cool.

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